What is a Yuda Band?

A Guatemalan handcrafted leather and coconut bracelet that is the basis for a service project run by youth in hundreds of schools across the United States every year. Yuda is derived from “aYUDA”, the Spanish word for help, aid or assist. Sales from Yuda Bands are used to build educational scholarship funds so youth in developing nations can attend high school who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.

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More than a bracelet project

The Yuda Bands project is the fastest growing organized school service project in America. It begins with youth in U.S. schools, and ends with their peers in poverty stricken communities in the developing world. It’s student led and student run. Project leaders personally select, and Skype video call, the student they fundraise for. At it’s heart, the project is about Youth empowering youth. It’s personal, it’s real, and it’s impactful.

Lasting Impact

Now THIS is personal

There are close to 300 students in the Yuda Bands program and we build a scholarship fund for each student that will COMPLETE their high school education.

When setting up your project you’ll personally select which student you fundraise for and even have a chance to Skype video call them.

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So who makes the bands?

Yuda Bands are 100% FAIR TRADE which means that as a bracelet seller/buyer YOU create a demand that requires the Yuda Bands makers to provide the supply. The bracelets are purchased directly from them. Meaning, your purchase creates jobs which gives dignity to the Yuda Bands makers, who take pride in creating a living for themselvesYou’re not giving a handout, you’re giving a hand-up!

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Service on a whole new level

Join us on a Yuda Bands service trip where you’ll visit your Yuda Bands sponsored student in their own home, take them food and clothes, teach them leadership and life skills, and even do community service with them. Yuda Trips are a fraction of the cost of other mission or service trips. It’s a cultural and eye opening adventure as you see FIRST HAND the impact your bracelets sales are making.

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Be the change!

Join our team and help us fight poverty by bring the Yuda Bands project to your local school. Over 1 MILLION youth have already shown their support and now we need yours.

Unique, effective, lasting. It’s COMPLETELY FREE to you, your club, your school, and will impact lives in more ways you can even imagine… and it only takes 3 minutes to sign up!

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