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The Yuda Bands project was an absolute total success! During class, a girl was showing off her Yuda band and a boy asked why she would buy a band for $7? She told him that each band contributes to giving a child in another country an education for a year. Funny enough, the boy was seen wearing a Yuda Band the next day.
Laszlo Sandor

The Yuda Bands project was a unique opportunity that proved to me that individuals in my school have the capability & desire to care about something much larger than themselves. Countless students were eager to find a way to make the world a better place, many simply did not know where to begin.
Darcy Arends

I think the one element that was the most important focus in the Yuda Bands project was educating people. Putting a real meaning behind it, a face to those we were supporting, inspired people to take part. Not only were people able to purchase a stylish band, but they were able to really feel good about it. 
Alyssa Cody

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