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Join us in Guatemala

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Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to lead this project!

I believe I received just as much as I gave to Lester. I learned to be a leader in my community and how to raise awareness in my school about the power of education. I am so glad I was a part of this! This has definitely been one of the highlights of my senior year.

-Emily Tu, Student at Deep Run High, VA

Personally this project showed me that I am very fortunate

to be in the position that I am and I should never take anything for granted. Just knowing that my school’s Yuda Bands committee and I were able to raise enough money to send three Guatemalan children to school for a year was INCREDIBLY rewarding.

-Jade Capezzuto, Student at Mesa Ridge High, CO

Seeing what just seven dollars could do, really put the students

into the attitude of making a difference. People that weren’t even on the sales team were walking with us to sell the bands. As we came to our final sales, some students would buy multiple bracelets just because they knew how important it was to the students we were sponsoring.

-Benjamin St. Cyr, Student at St. Martin High, MS

The Yuda Bands project is absolutely wonderful.

It taught me so much. People we didn’t even know, were contacting us willing to help our cause. I realized that in our great country we take for granted all of the wonderful things we have.

-Jacy Crosby, Student at St. Johns High, AZ

Thank you for leading such a great fundraising project.

It was really one of our most successful fundraisers. My Key Clubbers are already asking about doing it again next year :)

-Jessica A. , Teacher at Maspeth High School, NY

I think the one element that was the most important focus

in the Yuda Bands project was educating people. Putting a real meaning behind it, a face to those we were supporting, inspired people to take part. Not only were people able to purchase a stylish band, but they were able to really feel good about it.

-Alyssa Cody, Student at Kearny High, NE

I saw a beautiful spirit of service unfold in my community

Students who rarely got involved with our various projects got excited about the Yuda Bands Project. We ended up selling more bands than we have students in our school. What I truly brought, through the Yuda Bands Project, was a reason for getting an international perspective on humanitarianism. I will become the change I wish to see in the world.

Olivia Hagel, Student at Medical Lake High, WA

The Yuda Bands project was a unique opportunity

that proved to me that individuals in my school have the capability & desire to care about something much larger than themselves. Countless students were eager to find a way to make the world a better place, many simply did not know where to begin.

-Darcy Arends, Student at Lincoln Southwest High, NE

The Yuda Bands project was an absolute total success!

During class, a girl was showing off her Yuda band and a boy asked why she would buy a band for $7? She told him that each band contributes to giving a child in another country and education for a year. Funny enough, the boy was seen wearing a Yuda Band the next day.

-Laszlo Sandor, Student at West Windsor Plainsboro High, NJ

My experience with the Yuda Bands project really opened my eyes

to what service truly is about. Success was due to the passion that I felt while doing this project. The best strategy that never failed was showing people how excited I was about the project. By sharing the stories of the students and their families, their hardships, struggles, it makes the project more relatable to the first-world person, allowing them to understand what humanitarianism and service to your fellow man means. The Yuda Band did not just represent a scholarship for someone in another country; to me it represents hope and opportunity.

-Leanne Empinado, Student at Oak Harbor High, WA

Once they found out what they were for

students were not concerned about the fact that they were seven dollars, some even gave donations of more than that amount. This fundraiser brought our school together and more importantly our community.

-Casey Blankenship, Student at Excel High, AL

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