Each bands costs $7. No discounts for buying multiple bands. No tax.

They’re made by several former students who have graduated thanks to the Yuda Bands scholarship program. Take a minute to meet our team.

$2 builds the scholarship fund of the student(s) you choose to sponsor. $3 pays Yuda Band makers in Guatemala and imports the bands to the U.S. $2 keeps the project alive here in the States. A few operational expenses of the organization are shipping, website upkeep, cost to attend leadership conferences, and scholarships awarded to Yuda Bands project leaders.


Most bands don’t have particular meanings. Individual purchasers may give different meanings to their own band based on something in their life of their interests. A few designs such the swirly hand design is a symbol of service, a “helping hand”.

The hope is that the bracelet itself becomes a symbol. A symbol that you supported a project and students in need. When you wear a band you become part of the Yuda Bands Revolution and hopefully have a greater resolve to help others.

Just under 100 different designs. Each band is still unique since the coconut shell is carved by hand. We will continue to add more designs to our inventory based on trends and popularity.

Yes. We welcome ideas from everyone. If you have a design recommendation please send an example of your design to: support@yudabands.org. If your design becomes a Yuda Band design you will receive a free band with your design on it.

We get bands shipped from Guatemala on almost a monthly basis. If you want logos or custom designs for your project then we will need to order them about a month before your sales would start. Talk to your project manager for further details. Keep in mind that if you order logos then you will need to purchase all of them. It is hard for us to sell your logo and school colors to other schools. Most schools take preorders and collect all the money for the custom bands before we make the order in Guatemala.

Yuda Bands can only be purchased at a school CURRENTLY RUNNING A PROJECT or at LEADERSHIP CONFERENCES we personally attend.The bands are not available to purchase online. We frequently receive requests to sell the bands online, but our marketing strategy of selling bands within schools helps us with the third point of OUR MISSIONto teach American youth about the issues going on in the world around us and the power of education to change lives. OUR VISION is much bigger than selling bands.

If you are reading these FAQ’s, you are probably interested in bringing Yuda Bands to your school. As a project leader you will gain valuable life skills like leadership and responsibility. As the student in charge, and our direct contact throughout the project, you will polish up your delegating, communication, and follow-through skills. Leadership training is one of the hidden gems of our project as we take project leaders and their team through a proven skill building process. Although you’re not looking for personal gain from running a Yuda Bands project, you should be aware of the scholarships and other leadership opportunities available to project leaders.

A Yuda Bands project typically runs for four (4) weeks. Two weeks of advertising and prep work and two weeks of sales. The more time you have to advertise, the more prepared you will feel, and the smoother your project will run. We recommend three weeks of preparation and two weeks of sales.

175 Yuda Bands sold sponsors one student (tuition, fees, books, uniforms) for one year.

In accordance with Yuda Bands and school policy, a faculty advisor (sponsor) must supervise all transactions involving money on any school campus, and therefore the project must be handled through an already existing school approved council or club. The advisor should also participate in A 30 minute training with The project leader and team.

Nada! Your club does not keep any money. The Yuda Bands project is not a club or school fundraiser. All the funds you raise are donated back to Yuda Bands for the students you select  to sponsor.. This is why we call it a service project instead of a fundraiser. Although, it is pretty fun…

The project does not cost your club anything! As far as we know, the Yuda Bands project is one of the only projects that does not require any money from the school. We send you the bands upfront, and when you’re done with the project, any remaining bands are returned to us at no expense to your club or your school. Learn more about How it works.

No. You set the parameters of your own project. During your training we will discuss how many bands you want us to send you. We have had all sizes of schools sell bands, from 50-4,000 students.

Absolutely. As part of  your training, your project manager will help you selected students to sponsor from our site where you’ll see pictures and read profiles of youth who need your help. See the current list of kids who need to be sponsored or read the profiles of already sponsored students.

Three weeks from the time you apply online, depending on available dates. After submitting an application you will get an email response within 24 hours. At that time you will be assigned a two-week time slot to run the project based on the preferred month you indicated on your application. Your project dates will be at least three weeks in the future, which will give you enough time to complete your training and advertising.

Your school will work directly with an experienced Yuda Bands project manager Your manager will train you and your team during a video conference call (Skype or FaceTime), during which you’ll go over details and brainstorm ideas. This video training will give you guidance as you discuss ideas about not only advertising, but also creating a movement within your school. We are certain that as your group tag-teams with your project manager you will make this the most successful project of the year.

An assembly gives you a very effective way to inform all of the students and teacherS in your school about the project, but it is not required. During your 30-minute project training with your project manager, you will discuss alternative advertising ideas. In fact, after 6 years advertising in schools we think we have discovered easier and more effective ways to advertise than assemblies.

No. But we do provide personal training via a video call (Skype or FaceTime) before your project begins, and email, phone, text, and Facebook message support throughout your project. This training model allows us to keep expenses down creating low overhead and maximizing the educational scholarships we provide. We’re in the business of empowering youth to make a difference which is why the entire project is run by a student project leader. Our project leaders have proven time and time again that they are very capable of running fantastic projects.

You will be assigned an experienced project manager to walk you through every step of the project, from an initial  30 minutes personal video-call training, to consistent contact throughout your project. You will also have access to all our online resources, and receive a 6′ by 2′ Yuda Bands Vinyl banner for promotion. We pride ourselves on being available anytime. Please feel free to contact any member of our team.

No, you can be the project leader but you will be required to involve others in an effort to promote the project to your entire school. We recommend you create a Yuda Bands Committee that includeS yourself, your teacher, and 3-5 other students (your team) dedicated to helping you create school-wide awareness of your project. These students will be your main support in both advertising and sales. All your Yuda Bands Committee members should be present at the training with your project manager

Students who are willing to dedicate their time to promote a good cause. Your team leaders will be your biggest help so make sure you select them based on their commitment, not friendship. It is ideal to select students from all grades.

At the end of your project you will go through a finalization process with your project manager. You will send the bands and banner back with a UPS prepaid label that your project manager will email you. You are not required to pay for shipping.

There are three scholarships right now available to all project leaders. There are some requirements to earn these scholarships. Read more in detail and learn how to qualify on our scholarships page.

Absolutely! Even though two of the three scholarships we offer are for project leaders, anyone can earn the referral scholarship

We have an amazing opportunity for American youth, parents, teacher, and anyone interested to travel to Guatemala and participate in unique leadership and service projects. There is no other leadership program like this nine day service trip to Guatemala. Meet the students you sponsored during your school’s Yuda Bands project and go beyond by teaching them important life skills. It will change your life and the lives of those you teach!

Youth chosen to receive a scholarship through the Yuda Bands Scholarship Program are selected based on academic achievement, commitment to education, and economic need. One of the biggest challenges of educating youth around the world is the tendency to drop out because school is too difficult. For this reason, it’s imperative to select students who are committed to finish high school and are academically capable of doing so. By the same token, it does little good to only provide a partial education for them. This is why each student remains on the student selection page until they have been sponsored enough years to complete their high school education. Several schools work together to complete each student’s scholarship fund.