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Most Common

You can sign-up and complete the first four steps of your project online! The steps you’ll need to complete are: 

  • Enlisting your club
  • Selecting which international student’s scholarship you will fund
  • Scheduling your sales dates
  • Scheduling your video training call
Sign Up Now
Yes. You will pick your own dates and you can schedule a whole year in advance. You just pick the dates and we’ll let you know when it’s time to start your advertising and training.
One week of preparations and two weeks of sales. Ideally you would set aside three weeks to run your project.
Once you schedule your sales dates you can receive your bands in as little as two weeks. The video training call must be completed before we will ship your bands.

Limiting sales to schools allows us to put more effort into educating American youth of global issues and provide a meaningful service opportunity to motivated project leaders looking to help others.

Although we have received many requests to make them available online we are not considering this option right now.

No way! This project is totally free to run! As far as we know, the Yuda Bands project is one of the only projects that does not require any money from the school. We send you the bands upfront, and when you’re done selling, any remaining bands are returned to us at no expense to your club or your school.

You bet! Every single project is overseen by an experienced project manager who will support you with your online steps as well as complete an exclusive 30 minute leadership training video call with you.

On top of the training we offer:

  • Four colored posters (sent in box of bands for free)
  • A wide variety of our most popular band designs (no shipping charge)
  • The option to purchase official Yuda Bands t-shirts (only $5 each!)
  • An option to print profile posters of your student
  • An option Skype your international student
You set the parameters of your own project. Without fail project leaders and advisors are amazed at how quickly they run out of bands. You can order 100, 200, 300, or 400 bands at a time. Our experienced project manager will help you decide on a perfect amount during your video call training.

The Project

No. Yuda Bands is a social venture with the mission to give youth an opportunity to help others through a unique service project that creates jobs, promotes education, and teaches global awareness.

We put money where they will do the most good. All of our endeavors are funded though the sale of Yuda Bands rather than asking for donations as a typical charity would. The $7/band break down is:

$2.50 directly benefits an international student of your choice in the following ways:

  • private school tuition
  • school fees
  • books and uniforms
  • on-location scholarship coordinators
  • on-location guidance councilors
  • participation in an accelerated leadership program
  • supplies and materials for required quarterly community service projects

$2 cost of the Yuda Bands

  • band materials
  • Yuda Bands makers wages
  • importation of bands to U.S.

$2.50 covers operational expenses of the organization such as:

  •  shipping to and from each school
  • posters and advertising resources
  • website development and upkeep
  • employee compensation
  • referral compensation
  • cost to attend leadership conferences
  • flyers
  • scholarships awarded to U.S. project leaders
  • covering costs for lost/stolen bands
International students are selected based on desire to attend school and their financial situation. They must also be willing to participate in service projects and workshops to teach them life skills beyond what formal education is able to provide.
Annual private school tuition costs an average of US$350 depending on which school the student wants to attend. Fees and other costs such as uniforms and books may be covered based on a student’s need.
Approximately US$250 per month

We do accept donations but we cannot offer them as a tax write off. Please send all donations in the form of a check made out to Yuda Bands. If you would like to donate to a specific student please include the student’s name and country in the check memo line. Donations can be sent to:

Yuda Bands
1406 W 1600 S
Mapleton, UT 84664

Yes. Please consider volunteering as a participant in our summer service trips. This is a great opportunity for you to share your life skills with the international students you supported through the sales of your project. Even if you did not participate in a project you are welcome to join us.

Referring schools is another great way to help. It is so important to us that you will be sent $50 for each school that applies from your efforts.

Guatemala Trip

$1,200 not including airfare

Simply put, we want to make a difference more than we want to make money. These trips allow you to experience the impact your bracelet sales have on students in Guatemala but it also gives us credibility as an organization. Anyone wondering about the validity and integrity of the Yuda Bands project need only spend a few days with us in Guatemala to know that we are in it for the youth. We invite ALL to join us.

Trip Details
Because the price of airfare is dependent on where you’re flying from and what airline you use. For help with booking airfare or to get an estimate on what it would cost you contact us.
Yes. Price is based on double occupancy which means you will share a room. If you bring a roommate you will be discounted $50 off your total cost.
Yes. We’ll take them a box of food and clothes for you to give them.
15 years old unless accompanied by a parent.
No. We plan to start service trips to Zimbabwe in summer 2017.