Where can I buy a band?

They ARE NOT available to purchase online. Even though we have had many requests to sell them online we feel that we are making a bigger impact on our over all mission by keeping the sales limited. The bands are only available through schools hosting a project and at leadership conferences we attend.

Are there scholarships I can earn if I’m not a project leader?

Yes. If you are not a project leader for your school you are able to earn the Referral Scholarship ($50)

What scholarships are available for project leaders?

Humanitarian Heart Scholarship ($1000 or an all expense paid humanitarian trip to Guatemala)
Project Leader Scholarship ($100)
Referral Scholarship ($50)
Learn how to qualify

Will I have to approve an assembly?

It is recommended that you approve an assembly. An assembly is the easiest and most effective way to educate your student body on the purpose of the YUDA Bands project. If you’re not able to schedule an assembly then you will put extra effort into other advertising avenues such as posters and announcements. Your project manager will work with you one on one to create a movement at your school and advertise your project.

How much money does my school or club get to keep?

Your school or club doesn’t keep any money. The YUDA Bands project is a service learning project, not a fundraiser. Funds are raised, but they are all used to provide education or the students you select.

How much does the YUDA Bands project cost my school?

The project does not cost your school anything! You are sent the bands upfront and any remaining bands leftover from your project are returned to us at no expense to you or your school.

Can I meet the students I sponsor?

Yes! Each year we take students down to Guatemala to meet who they have sponsored as part of our summer Humanitarian Trips. Please contact your project manager to get more info on how to meet students from other countries.

You work primarily in Guatemala, can I sponsor students from other countries?

Yes! YUDA Bands has partnered with organizations all around the world. Our partnered organizations share our vision of the importance of educating youth. Click here to see the most current list of countries in which we sponsor students >

Do I get to choose who I sponsor through my sales?

Yes, in your training we will help you set a goal of how many bands you want to sell. You’ll then select your student(s) to sponsor based on the number of bands you receive. 175 bands per student selected from thestudent selection page.

How does YUDA Bands select students that need to be sponsored?

Youth chosen to receive a scholarship through the YUDA Bands Scholarship Program are selected based on academic achievement, commitment to education, and economic need.  One of the biggest challenges of educating youth around the world is the tendency to drop out because school is too difficult. For this reason, it’s imperative to select students who are committed to finish high school and are academically capable of doing so. By the same token, it does little good to only provide a partial education for them. This is why each student remains on the student selection page until they have been sponsored enough years to complete their high school education. Several schools work together to complete each student’s scholarship fund.

How many bands do I have to sell to sponsor a student?

175 YUDA Bands sold sponsors (tuition and fees) to go to school for one year.

Is there any benefit to being my school’s project leader?

Of course! As project leader you will develop leadership skills and qualify to apply for scholarships.

Do I need a teacher to help me?

In accordance with YUDA Bands and school policy, a faculty advisor must supervise all transactions involving money on any school campus, and therefore the project must be handled through a school approved council or club. Your advisor must also be present at your 30 minute training.

What should I look for when choosing my team leaders?

Students who are willing to dedicate their time to promote a good cause. Your team leaders will be your biggest help so make sure you select them based on their commitment, not friendship. It is ideal to select students from all grades.

Can I do this project all by myself?

No, you can be the project leader but you will be required to involve others in an effort to promote the project to your whole school. You will need four team leaders who will be instructed on their responsibilities, as will you, during your project training.

Where can I find ideas to help advertise at my school?

Each school works directly with a YUDA Bands project manager who will go over details and help you brainstorm ideas during a video conference call. This personal video training will help you better understand your purpose as a leader of the YUDA Bands project. You will discuss ideas to not only advertise your project but how to create a movement within your school. We are certain that with your group tag-teaming with your project manager will make this the most successful project of the year.

Does a YUDA Bands Representative come to my school?

No. We have occasionally visited schools to tell our story and talk about YUDA Bands in an assembly; however, we think the funds it takes to personally promote YUDA Bands are better spent in our humanitarian projects. We’re in the business of empowering youth to make a difference. Our project leaders have proven time and time again that they are very capable of hosting fantastic projects. We offer various means of support and leadership training which are answered in the question below.

Can I extend my project?

Depending on your situation you can discuss the possibility of extending up to one week with your project manager. If your advertising is completed on time and you are prepared you will find that two weeks is plenty of time to sell. If you extend, keep in mind that you don’t want to get burned out or drag things on for your administration and students.

How long does the project last?

Two to three weeks of preparation time and two weeks of actual sales.

How soon can I start selling bands at my school?

Once you have submitted your application you will get an email response within 24 hours. At which time you will be given dates to select for your project based on your preferred month indicated on your application. Your project dates will be a minimum of three weeks out which will give enough time to complete your training and advertising requirements.

What if I don’t sell all the bands?

The goal is to sell all the bands you request but if you don’t sell the bands then you will simply send them back to us. You will be provided a prepaid UPS shipping label and will be able to send your remaining bands back at no cost to you!

Does YUDA Bands offer any kind of training or support?

Yes! Before you start your project you will be trained on all details of the project. This training is done using either Skype or Facetime and takes 30 minutes. In this training you will discuss advertising ideas and set a goal as a group of how many bands you want to try to sell. When your school is accepted to host a YUDA Bands project you will be assigned an experienced project manager. This project manager will be with you every step of your project with good ideas and support.

In addition to a personal project manager and a 30 minute one time training you will have access to:

How do I bring YUDA Bands to my school?

To get started all you have to do is apply! We have a helpful step by step guide to get started and an easy to fill out online application.

What is involved in hosting a project?

Enthusiasm, creativity, and leadership! Hosting a YUDA Band project involves a student organization such as the student council or a club, uniting together under a project leader to promote awareness of YUDA Bands and organize a sale of the bands in the school.

What do the symbols (designs) mean?

We are constantly changing the band designs based on popularity and trends. There aren’t any particular meanings behind most of the designs other than the obvious. A bird is a bird, a flower is a flower. A few designs such the swirly hand design is a symbol of service, a “helping hand”.

The hope is that the bracelet itself becomes a symbol. A symbol that you supported a project and students in need. When you wear a band you become part of the YUDA Bands Revolution and hopefully have a greater resolve to help others.

If you have a design recommendation please send an example of your design to: support@yudabands.org. If your design becomes a YUDA Bands design you will receive a free band with your design on it.

What do the bands look like?

YUDA Bands are handmade in Guatemala making each band unique. Check out the media gallery to see a few designs. We are constantly changing designs and colors according to popularity. If you think you have a good idea for a new design, submit a drawing or just make a suggestion on our Facebook page. If we use your idea you’ll get a free band custom made for you with your design!

How much of my money is actually making a difference?

$2  Builds the scholarship fund of the student(s) you choose to sponsor. $3  Pays YUDA Band makers in Guatemala and imports the bands to the US. $2 Covers operational expenses of the organization such as shipping and website upkeep and scholarships awarded to YUDA Bands project leaders.

Who makes the YUDA Bands?

YUDA Bands are made by select students and their families who are in great need of employment. When you buy a YUDA Band you are not only helping us to provide education, you’re also creating jobs for the less fortunate.

How much do the YUDA Bands cost?

Each bands costs $7. No discounts for buying multiple bands. No tax.

What are YUDA Bands

YUDA Bands are hand-crafted leather and coconut bracelets which are the basis of the most unique service learning project out there. High schools, jr. highs, and middle schools sell the bands at their school and in turn help the less fortunate in other countries! The project creates jobs and provides education around the world and helps show American youth the importance of service and humanitarian work. Selling YUDA Bands is a very realistic way for a school to unite together in a common cause to help others. Schools select the student(s) they help from our student selection page.