A Bracelet Project

that has paid nearly


in school fees for youth in developing nations who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go to school.

Yuda Bands are Fair-trade leather and coconut shell bracelets, handmade in Guatemala

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How We Make an Impact

Providing Education

Each Yuda Band sold contributes to scholarships to pay school fees for high school students in a developing country.

Creating Jobs

Local Guatemalan artisans are given fair-trade wages to hand-make Yuda Bands out of leather and coconut shells.

Global Awareness

The Yuda Bands project promotes awareness of international issues in schools as well as facilitates youth service trips called Yuda Ventures >

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About the Project

It’s a free & creative way for you to make a major global impact. First we provide unique Yuda Bands and ship them to your school for free.

Then you sell them to your student body for two weeks. The money you raise will pay schools fees for the international student of your choice.

It’s More than a Bracelet Project

By bringing Yuda Bands to your school you’re joining a movement that will change lives, including your own.

“I first heard of Yuda Bands at a conference & quickly become obsessed with their mission. I did two projects selling the bracelets at my school, with Phillip being extremely helpful during the process. After graduation, I went on their service trip to Guatemala and it is still the best experience of my life! It was a great mix of service to the families we met and the town we were working in, and an immersive experience in the local culture.”- Kayla D.

About Yuda Ventures

Yuda Bands Humanitarian Trips, which we call Yuda Ventures are cultural service trips sponsored by the Yuda Bands non-profit.

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