Volunteering and giving back to your community is much more than meeting school requirements. It’s an incredibly rewarding, and life-changing experience. Some people believe that you have to be rich or have tons of time to give back. However, that couldn’t be truer. You don’t need to be loaded to help. What you need is motivation.

Thinking of volunteering? Fret no more.

Here are the benefits of giving back to your community…

1. It is good for your health

Yes, that’s right! One of the benefits of giving back to your community makes you a much healthier person. Studies have shown that those who spend more time volunteering develop a greater sense of purpose in life, thereby changing their outlook entirely. They are much more motivated to live healthier lifestyles in order to achieve their goals. You want to sleep better, eat better and have well-managed schedules.

Volunteering is also linked to better stress management and prevention of chronic health diseases. So if you need another reason to be in top shape, then here it is.


2. It gives you a sense of purpose

Futility is one of the biggest reasons why many feel unfulfilled. They are tired of the cycle they are in, the routine they are stuck with. Eventually, these people will feel empty and begin to live lives that feel more like a bad dream.

Giving back to the community, however, gives you a greater sense of purpose. You wake up each day knowing you’re about to do something meaningful. You look forward to each time you affect positive change on people who have touched your hearts. It’s an indescribable, mesmerizing feeling that we constantly wish everyone will experience.


3. It widens your network

Whether you are a student volunteer or a university graduate, volunteering widens your network. This can eventually be advantageous when you are going to apply for a job or a scholarship. The experiences you would have had as a volunteer will garner you the extra points to take your career further.

Widening your network also means creating more opportunities for you in the future. Being connected with people and organizations of significance puts you in the better position to take your volunteer work as well as profession further.


4. It teaches you a better sense of community

It’s easy to forget the necessity to coexist. When we are so caught up with our personal problems, we overlook other factors such as the community we live with and the area we inhabit. However, the community is much more than just a collective of people living together.

Developing a deeper sense of it means the drive to improve the areas you live, work and play in. Moreover, it means fighting for a safer, more peaceful and united lives for you and the people around you.


5. It unlocks your potential skills

A lot of volunteers discover their greatest skills while on the field. Many of them came in at a loss on what they can truly contribute to the cause. It didn’t take long until they unlocked their potential and became the best versions of themselves. Suddenly, they become exceptionally skilled on various tasks.

Whether you are giving back to a local or international community, volunteering helps you to discover and hone your skills. From here, you can use these skills to expand your horizon and become a better servant leader.


6. It shares your expertise

Along with unlocking a new skill set, another benefit of giving back to your community is it shares your expertise. Whether you are good in construction, music or mathematics, sharing your talent to the world can give hope and change lives.

In turn, sharing your expertise further sharpens it. The more you use it, the more people you can help and all the better you can be.


7. It’s a gateway to a new perspective

A lot of us have it well. We live in comfortable houses in safe neighborhoods. We have constant access to food, water and clothing. Plus, we get to have all these things that make life much easier. However, the reality is a lot of people don’t have that. In fact, billions are leaving on less than a dollar each day.

When we make it our mission to give back, we gain a new perspective. We realize that there are so many helpless people who need help. Furthermore, the experience opens our eyes to what the real world is. All of a sudden, the worry of what to wear to a party becomes trivial.


8. It helps you grow

Volunteering is not easy work. It’s an immersive venture that comes with its own sets of challenges. From lack of funding to be stuck in between socio-political turmoil in the outskirts of troubled countries, it gets extremely difficult.

However, the reward of surpassing these obstacles is unmatched. You are able to grow not merely as a volunteer but an individual and human being. You open yourself up to a challenging experience and you become willing to learn as well as making sacrifices. When you come back home, you would have been a changed person, only for the better.


9. It gives new knowledge

Whether it’s to learn more about the current situation in Guatemala or discover how to build houses, giving back to the community teaches you a thing or two. It can inspire you to take your volunteer work further by conducting research, studies or even funding your very own program. Working with other volunteers and organizations expands your mind.

This is yet another benefit you can bring back home with you. Moreover, this is also another benefit you can use to your advantage and share with others.


10. It boosts your self-esteem

One more benefit of giving back to your community is it boosts your self-esteem. There’s nothing more self-affirming than knowing that you are doing something good. Plus, it makes you feel good.

Now that you are doing something more meaningful in your life, you develop a better sense of self. You begin to discover that life isn’t just about gaining the approval of others or striving not to be judged. It’s about doing something that matters to you and the people who need it most.