We’ve all been anxious and depressed at one point in our lives. The entire experience is stressful and tiring, wasn’t it? Unfortunately, some deal with it every single minute of every single day. We know this can overtake a person’s life. In fact, anxiety and depression can literally take away lives. That’s why the sooner you help someone with anxiety and depression, the better.

Following are 13 ways to help someone with anxiety and depression.

1. Tell them your story

Everyone goes through a rough time. You know what it feels like to be in a bad shape. The situation might be different, but you have solved your problem before. Tell them how you did it. Tell them what you went through, what you felt, and it’s alright because there is a solution to every problem.

2. Ask the person if you can help

Sometimes helping someone with anxiety can only make the problem worse. Some prefer to be alone when they’re stressed. So, it is important to ask them if they would like to help.

3. Don’t let them feel alone

Some people are afraid to be alone when depressed. They almost always feel isolated. All they need is the presence of someone who is willing to spend time with them. So, schedule some time and spend time with that person because they need you.

4. Help them recall their best moments

Reminding someone their best moments can actually help ease their current situation. But you can only do this if you have spent time with the person. If you don’t know the person, maybe ask someone who is close to him or her.

5. Engage them in activities that can make them feel better

Anxiety can sometimes get worse if the person isn’t active. You can help them get over their worst and scary moments by getting them involved in activities that will not only take up their time but also a bigger portion of their minds.

6. Ask them to open up to you or someone they trust

Someone once said that a problem shared is a problem half solved. Try asking your friend why he or she is asking. Maybe a simple gesture like that is all it takes to help them. After all, you cannot help an anxious person if you have no idea why they are afraid.

7. Invite them for an educational movie

Hundreds of movies out there that base their themes on anxiety and fear. Watching them can help ease their tension and give them peace of mind.

8. Involve them in community service projects

The best way to get an anxious person busy get them involved in community service projects. The purpose of the project is to help them to offload their mind. Community service projects can also teach them that many people out there can still afford a smile despite having a bad time.

9. Offer financial support

Does the person have financial-related problems? It may be a great idea to help them where you can. Now, you may not give them a lot of money. But the little you give them can make a great difference. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

10. Remind them that they can count on you

Sometimes people go through a hard time because they do not have someone to talk to.  The best thing to do in to is to be there for them. Also, remind them that you will always be there for them.

11. Smile at them

Do you know that smiling at someone who is having a bad time can help them feel better? If you have never done that before, this would be the best time to try.

12. Hangout with them during such times

Ask the person if they would like to hang out with you. It could be a walk, a tour, a trip, anything.

13. Listen and be open-minded

To help someone with anxiety, listen to them. And do not take sides.

The sooner you can help someone with anxiety and depression, the better chances of helping them. Don’t overlook the signs if you see them. Once you do, do at least one of the things we listed above here.