Do you want to involve your kids in a service project, but you ran out of service project ideas for kids? If you did, that’s alright because we have you covered.

Involving kids in service projects is a great idea. It will teach them to be selfless, generous, and productive members of the society at a young age. A well-planned service project can also teach them social skills, planning, and how to be a great leader.

There are tons of service project ideas for kids. It’s because some projects were specifically designed for kids. Some service projects were created for kids to serve adults. Others were created for kids to serve other kids. Below we compiled every service project idea we can think of for your kids.


Here is a list of 145 great examples of Service Project Ideas for kids:

  1. Create gift cards for senior people. These can be used to buy items to help the underprivileged at no extra cost.

  2. Donating food to kids affected with HIV/AID. Sharing food with sick kids can and will boost their health and energy.

  3. Get kids involved in hospital visits. Specifically, have them visit hospitals for kids.

  4. Organize a fundraising event to support needy children. You can host the event in your local community.

  5. Ask church youths to contribute to touching hearts. Youth leaders can create a WhatsApp group for a common cause.

  6. Create donation templates and send to willing volunteers. This is a great way to reach willing contributors in large numbers.

  7. You and your family can plan weekly charity events. You can do this on weekends since weekdays are often busy.

  8. Hold a dog wash event to raise money for charity. Have kids who love pets to help with the cleaning.

  9. Design cards, sell and raise money for charity. You can sell the cards to businesses as well as individuals.

  10. Hold a car wash event to raise money for charity. Car wash services are highly in demand; so the engagement should raise a lot of money.

  11. Cook a lot of food and share with a hungry family in the neighborhood.

  12. Buy meals from your local market and send to charity homes

  13. Ask friends, colleagues, and family members to volunteer to help charity homes.

  14. Teach kids how to say thank you; they will grow with it and use it often when they come of age.

  15. Volunteer to wash kids’ clothes in charity homes.

  16. Teach kids how to sweep and the value of environmental preservation; they’ll make environment clean

  17. Teach kids the value of acceptance; make them feel valued, regardless of their current condition.

  18. You can teach children how to take care of the elderly people

  19. Visit children homes frequently. You can do this during the weekend, or day of the week.

  20. Help kids work on their talents. There is no point letting them sit on their God-given, natural gifts.

  21. Organize games for kids in the community. They will learn how to live and work in unity.

  22. Organize social games for kids at school. This is an all-time, necessary co-curricular activity.

  23. Schedule board games for kids for weekends. Such games help boost the cognitive ability of a child.

  24. Give your gift card to charity. They need it more than you do.

  25. Participate in the Yuda Bands project. This project enables you to create jobs and provides an education to an underprivileged child.

  26. Pay a tailor to make new clothes for kids in need. You can go cheap to have clothes designed in bulk.

  27. Organize a food charity event in your locality. Have people contribute whatever they can for the good of those in need.

  28. If you are an artist, design fleece blankets for kids in need.

  29. Buy cheap school accessories at the end of the year and donate to the needy children in charity homes.

  30. Buy and bring board games to children homes; help them lead a normal, joyous life.

  31. Volunteer to pick litter in school and community. This can help kids learn how to keep the community clean.

  32. Involve kids in community cleaning. This is a great way to teach them about cleanliness.

  33. Teach able children to visit the underprivileged. Make sure these children visit kids-friendly environments.

  34. Write letters to potential donors. You will be surprised how overwhelming the responses can be.

  35. Host a meal event in the street. Feeding people in the street is a good way to encourage healthy living.

  36. Volunteer to sponsor kids to get an education. With education, a child can stand on their feet even during tough times.

  37. Provide a kid with a home if you can.

  38. Buy cheap attire in the open-air market and donate to kids. You can buy bulk for cheap.

  39. Volunteer as a member of a charity organization. It doesn’t have to be permanent nor it to be contractual. It comes down to what you deem fit.

  40. Join a WhatsApp group created with a goal to give back to society. There aren’t so many such groups, but you can easily find them through friends.

  41. Ask your friends if they would be interested in helping children who are in need.

  42. Sell old DVDs and CDs and donate the little money you get to children’s home

  43. Involve kids in pet brushing

  44. Involve kids in home cleaning

  45. Let kids take part in gardening; this is a great way to teach them how to grow food.

  46. Teach kids how to create presentations. Since creating presentations is a complex task, you can break the procedures into bits that are easy to understand.

  47. Teach kids the value of togetherness when they are still young. They won’t learn this when they come of age.

  48. Read educational stories to kids

  49. Tell kids about your childhood; make the story interesting and educational altogether.

  50. Be a role model to the needy children.

  51. Work with kids to collect trash on roads, for free.

  52. Teach kids how to knit. This is a great project idea for people who have the artistic skills in knitting.

  53. Teach kids how to trim, weed, and rake leaves. They should grow knowing how to take care of yards and gardens.

  54. Feed another family’s kid when their parents are not around.

  55. Teach kids how to take care of animals. There is still a need to preserve the balance of the eco system.

  56. Involve kids in planting trees around and school to beautify the environment

  57. Write beautiful letters to help find donation centers.

  58. Organize food drive with family members

  59. Creating a survival kit and donating it to people who are homeless

  60. Collecting used clothing and donating them to people who don’t have

  61. Form a team of young and old, and make plans to collect garbage from around your community, every week.

  62. Create a team that can take part in snow shoveling

  63. Get kids together and have them learn how to dress lawns

  64. Selling candies in school and donating the money to charity. If your child goes to a good school, you can have them do this every other day.

  65. Clean bookshelf, and then donate old books to charity

  66. Volunteer in an organization that takes care of kids with disabilities

  67. Tutor kids with extra needs for education

  68. Teach kids how to run charity errands

  69. You can do babysitting for a  deployed family

  70. You can tender areas where kids play. This is the best way to create a good environment for kids to play.

  71. Teach kids how to communicate with older people

  72. Create thank you cards to librarian

  73. Teach kids how to clean cow shed (ranch)

  74. Collect old items from your house as well as from friends, colleagues, and family members. Donate them to charity projects; because they can be used in charity homes.

  75. Buy new books for kids

  76. Donate some of your weekly allowances to charity homes or charity projects.

  77. Teach a child how to tie shoes. This little act of kindness can help them learn how to solve simple life problems.

  78. Teach kids how to clean their rooms

  79. Collecting beautiful, unused toys and giving to charity

  80. Holding a ‘keep environment clean’ campaign

  81. Ask older kids to become hospital buddies, visit sick people (if hospital allow)

  82. Ask older kids to help clean nursing homes

  83. Care for local animal shelter by collecting and donating used towels

  84. Involve kids in donating food to street families

  85. Encourage kids to save pocket money and donate a portion

  86. Thank you notes to motivate kids to clean a school

  87. Asking kids to share their lunch with someone who doesn’t have

  88. Asking school kids to write thank you note to bus driver

  89. Ask older children to support younger ones in school, community, and church

  90. Ask kids to write and post positive notes around school billboards

  91. Reminding kids to practice kindness: creating a kindness zone

  92. Write and stick positive notes on walls of a child’s bedroom

  93. Setup a coffee station for school and community kids

  94. Try to adopt town monument and keep it clean

  95. Greet kids in your street with special gift cards

  96. Donate money to old and gray parents

  97. Volunteer to wash clothes for a family in neighborhood

  98. Let kids create thank you cards for bus driver

  99. Let kids clean the streets around their school and homes

  100. Create racks for kids; encourage them to complete their acts of kindness

  101. Compliment kids for great work done; encourage them to do more

  102. Start class session by reading out act of kindness to kids

  103. Cook a meal for someone

  104. Feeding the birds

  105. Trimming a garden

  106. Using a bin to collect trash

  107. Teach kids to check in on an elderly neighbor

  108. Host a crusade for child support

  109. Educate people about child abuse

  110. Have kids clean up litter in community

  111. Hire bus take kids on educational tour

  112. Designing care packages for homeless

  113. Donating outgrown baby items to mothers who have none

  114. Trim a neighbor’s yard

  115. Create special bags for shopping

  116. Take care of animals

  117. Plant a lot of trees

  118. Create gift vouchers for nursing mothers

  119. Deliver Meals on Wheels

  120. Grow vegetables and share with families that have no gardens

  121. Establish a permanent ground play for babies in your surrounding

  122. Teach kids how to say thank you

  123. Teach kids how to say sorry

  124. Have kids offer popsicle to workers on garbage trucks

  125. Start an acting crew with kids

  126. Create a music band for kids

  127. Encourage kids to volunteer in National Park Service Youth Conservation Corps

  128. Repair broken items for kids

  129. Become part of the Red Cross Group

  130. Volunteer as a member of the United Nations Children Development Organization

  131. Connect Children through the UN Voice of Youth

  132. Create a pre-teen, teen team for Peace Jam Club

  133. Teach kids the value of kindness

  134. Become part of the Youth Volunteer Corps

  135. Advocate against environmental exploitation

  136. Buy food in bulk every end month and send to charity homes

  137. Certify your dog to TDI Dogs to volunteer in schools and hospitals

  138. Teach them how to paint

  139. Do general cleanup for any facility

  140. Involve kids in fundraising

  141. Paint a graffiti for kids

  142. Work at Special Olympics

  143. Visit and Serve in communities

  144. Play with homeless children on visiting days in school

  145. Visit homeless people in far towns

These 145 service project ideas for kids can be divided into two parts: teaching and helping.

Teaching help kids become productive members of the society. Involving them in service projects and other similar activities allow them to grow as individuals.

They’ll learn how at a young age how serving can positively affect others. Kids will develop the desire to serve continuously. This is a good thing since kids often grow with what they learn. It will be a life-long trait they will never shake off. So unless you teach a child now, they will never know.

There are no definitive approaches, or set rules, on how to encourage kids to participate in service projects. So while this list has 145 ideas, you can always add a few more.

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything.