Service learning projects are an immersive experience for students. Whichever level you are in, these programs enable you to grow as a responsible individual.

There are many ways service learning projects can benefit you. For one, it introduces you to many opportunities. Second, it teaches you the value of volunteerism, which evokes hope among those in need. Third, it helps you realize that there is more to life than what you are accustomed to. Did we mention you often get to travel for free?

We can go on and on about the wonders of service learning projects. However, let’s save that for another day. Today, we are letting you in on service learning projects for students you might be interested in.

19 Service Learning Projects Students Can Join Today

1. Global Vision International

The award-winning organization has sent over 200,000 volunteers across the globe. GVI provides multitudes of programs. They’ve started service learning projects in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Popular programs include: volunteering with novice monks in Laos, working with elephants in Thailand or help conserve marine life in Fiji.

2. Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers is a low-cost global organization that is servicing over 30 countries. Those who take part in their service learning projects are sent on a mission that can last anywhere between one week to six months. Moreover, they have 120 community-based programs in special needs, environment, social services, architecture, and more.

3. Cross-Cultural Solutions

With 30,000 volunteers and 99% approval rating, Cross-Cultural Solutions is another organization you can join in. The American Gap Year Association also accredits it. Much like GVI, it sends its volunteers throughout different parts of the globe. From volunteering in Ghana to assisting in the health care system of Morocco, there is no shortage of community experience here.

4. International Volunteer HQ

IVHQ is one of the most affordable organizations out there. Should you choose to take part in their service learning programs, all it takes is as little as $180. You can help build temples in Sri Lanka, conserve marine life in Bali or volunteer in child care programs for the children of South Africa.

5. The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled brings the best of both worlds to the youth as young as middle school. If you want to mix your love of travel with your service learning experience, then the RLT is one of the best programs to take part in. From building schools in India and working in the villages of Vietnam to joining a species protection program in Belize, the RLT is a dream come true. They are affiliated with many community service programs all over the world.

6. Leveling the Playing Field

Is sports your passion? If it is, then Leveling the Playing Field may be the right service learning project for you. LPF is driven to provide underprivileged children to experience athletics in many ways. They have donated to and worked with communities such as Shriver ES, First Tee Foundation, Rockville Tennis, and Hamilton Baseball to name a few. You can get involved by donating sports equipment, volunteering in inventory and safe storage as well as organizing an equipment drive.

7. Kid Flicks

Service learning efforts don’t need to be extensive. In fact, the littlest thing such as sharing films with children can make a difference. Kid Flicks is a non-profit organization that donates movie libraries as well as DVD’s for children in hospitals, shelters or pediatric departments. They ship all these assorted movies to all 50 states, and are always open to extra hands that can help.


YMCA is arguably one of the largest volunteering organizations in the world. It’s also incredibly respected and joined by many students. The Y continues to develop programs that change lives throughout the globe. If you are interested in taking part in activities of a world-renowned organization, then the Y is a good place to start.

9. Camp Dreamcatcher

2.6 million children have HIV/AIDS all over the world. If you are passionate about helping them, then joining Camp Dreamcatcher is ideal.

For over 20 years, Camp Dreamcatcher has been providing educational and therapeutic programs to HIV/AIDS-impacted youth and their families. As part of their service learning programs, you can volunteer in their mentoring programs, donations, as well as outreach programs and community outreach.

10. KidKnits

A nine-year old child who dreamt of improving the lives of others founded KidKnits. Now, it’s grown into a full-fledged organization that is providing opportunities to the people of Rwanda, Chile, and more. Just the simplest gesture of buying yarns from their poverty-stricken country partners provides income to women. Moreover, KidKnits’ service learning projects make it possible for more children to have education as well as after-school programs.

11. Marian House

1 in 4 women is a victim of abuse. Many of these women end up in rehabilitation centers, which is a result of all the traumatic years they spent in helplessness. These women are also often homeless and with their children whom they cannot provide a safe and educational environment with. This is why Marian House exists. The 30-year organization has dedicated itself to helping women who are victims of abuse, addiction, and homelessness. You can be part of their mission by donating to their cause, volunteering in their programs, and so forth.

12. Sole Hope

Sole Hope is an organization that aims to put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet. A lot of those who experience this unfortunate sickness are those who live in poverty. Many of them cannot afford shoes. The simplest gesture of collecting shoes and donating them to Sole Hope can go a long way. You as well as your fellow students can also host a shoe-cutting party, wherein you can make new footwear using your old clothes.

13. Meals on Wheels America

1 in 6 American senior citizens doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. That’s why Meals on Wheels exist. The organization is aimed at ensuring that more of the nation’s senior citizens are fed and nourished. Through the help of donations, volunteer work and more, they are changing lives. It can be as simple as dropping by their office and leaving a meal or even be part of their program. From preparing and delivering meals to hosting soup kitchen events, there is so much we can do to feed our senior community.

14. National Puppy Mill Rescue

Not all pups are as fortunate as the ones who have a home to sniff back to. Unfortunately, far too many dogs are suffering from human cruelty. The good news is there are plenty of organizations such as the National Puppy Mill Rescue. They are relentless in cracking down puppy mill areas, torturous breeding locations as well as saving the lives of these adorable animals. If you want to take part in their mission, you can do so in many ways. You can adopt a pet, volunteer in their organization or donate to their cause.

15. Project Linus

Many children are born in unfortunate circumstances. Whether are they are sink or orphaned, they deserve just as many opportunities as the next. This is why Project Linus has dedicated itself to the betterment of children. It’s an organization that ensures ill, traumatized and sick children are given an abundance of love, security, and shelter. You can volunteer in one or more of their programs and or make a donation.

16. Care & Share

Hunger is a worldwide crisis. If you share our belief that no one should ever go hungry, then the first step is to join Care & Share in their advocacy. Part of their service learning program is getting involved in organizing food banks, food donations as well as hosting food drives. There are other activities such as preparing emergency shelters, meal sites and food pantries too. Care & Share has been consistent in their mission to feed the hungry. Just last year, they were able to provide 19 million meals and delivered nearly 24 million pounds of food.

17. The Humane Society USA

Animal cruelty is a plague that continues to affect countless countries all over the world. In the US, the Humane Society is the nation’s most effective animal protection agency, servicing over 100,000 animals each year. From shutting down breeding houses and animal fighting to putting an end to captive hunts, seal slaughter and more, there’s a lot to learn by joining them. If you have a big heart for animals, this is one enriching service learning program you wouldn’t want to miss.

18. Pikes Peak Library District

PPLD is a national system of public libraries comprised of over 500,000 in Colorado. It provides free access to all information, whether it’s for the enrichment of an individual or a community. Those who have no access to education find new light in PPLD. If you are passionate about education and books, then this is an ideal place to share it. Fortunately, the organization has plenty of volunteer programs for students.

19. The Yuda Bands Project

The Yuda Bands Project is America’s most popular service project. The goal of the organization is to help impoverished students from Guatemala and Zimbabwe graduate and eventually break the poverty cycle. Since their start in 2008, they helped over 700 international students graduate high school.

Around 1.7 Million students have already joined the Yuda Bands Project. Guatemalan artisans create Yuda Bands, which are bracelets made from the coconut tree. Student volunteers from America sell them. The proceeds go to funding an international student’s education.

If you love making friends with international students, then the Yuda Bands Project is for you. You will have the chance to arrange a Skype call with an international you sponsored. You can even meet them, too. The organization plans a Service Project Trip to Guatemala every year.

If you want to know more, simply click this to know how to join.