You don’t need a lot to make a difference. We at YUDA only started with a handful of people but a big goal we were keen on achieving. We made it our mission to help underprivileged kids and fast forward to today, we have realized our dreams ever since.

Service starts in your very own community. If you are a member of a club in your school, there are so many ways to pay it forward.

Here are club project ideas you can begin making a change with.

1. Collect baby items for teenage mothers

Far too many girls have become mothers at a young age. Some of these girls don’t have enough to support their child. Worse, many of them have been disowned by their families.
One of the most useful club project ideas you can try is to collect baby items to give out to these young mothers. You can ask help from your local church or community and use social media to spread the word in your area. You’d be surprised how many are willing to give away their baby items.

2. Give free music lessons to school children

Music is a gift best experienced when shared. If you are part of your school’s music club, giving free lessons to kids is a fruitful way to showcase your talent. Whether it’s the younger children of your school or those who are underprivileged, teach these kids the basics.

This little gesture may awaken a fire in one or many of your students. Moreover, there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you’ve passed on something these children will cherish for a long time.

3. Feed the homeless

We bet that in your area alone, there are tons of homeless people who get by every day barely eating. Another idea is to have your club organized a food drive to feed the homeless.

Whether it’s to have a soup stall for the homeless to line up for, you can also prepare meals to give out to them. If you want to make this project more extensive, your club can also collect other items such as jackets, shoes, or scarves to be given to them as well.

There are so many ways your small school club can carry out charity and outreach programs within your community. So make it a point to make a difference to a person’s life especially during this holiday season.