The future of the world lies in today’s youth. That’s why more and more are striving to transform the young generation into aspiring leaders. For one, the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) offers programs, opportunities, and projects centralized in service — one that would mold even the youngest mind into a promising one.

Whether or not you’re a member of FBLA, the group has organized many service-oriented projects. If you’re looking for different ways to give back, then you’re in the right place.

Below are FBLA service ideas you can use for your next project.

Dollars for Disaster

One of the most prominent local FBLA projects is the Dollars for Disaster. It’s an initiative organized to fund chapters in the event of natural or human-made disasters such as flash floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

You can use this idea for your next project by coming up with your disaster relief operation. As early as now, you can start collecting donations in kind or cash. When disaster strikes, you and your team are ready to deploy immediately and give to those in need.

Make this more efficient by reaching out your local community, authorities and the church. They can help you collect the donations as well as find a proper storage for safe keeping.

Cyber Safety Assembly

The Cyber Safety Assembly is another FBLA project you may want to consider adapting for your next initiative. Dallastown FBLA frequently organizes assemblies at intermediate schools to discuss the relevance of digital safety. Considering how the Internet is so readily available, it leaves young people vulnerable to just about anything.

Be inspired by this idea by organizing your cyber safety assembly in your school. You can get in touch with digital experts and thought leaders in your area and invite parents to attend it as well.
Safety is of utmost importance, especially now that technology is always within reach.

Connect with Children

Cure Search reports that 43 children are diagnosed with cancer every day. Part of FBLA’s efforts is to give hope, support, and companionship to children who have cancer. You too can help these kids in your little way.

You can start by finding out which children’s hospital you want to work with directly. Afterward, you and your club can plan how you could help these kids. You can plan a day program, raise funds for their treatment or just spend time with. There are many ways you can help these children feel better.

Like many of these FBLA service ideas, you can make this a long-term service project.

Business Seminars

You don’t have to go too far to find people who are in need. Moreover, not everyone is after clothes, food, medicines, and the like. Sometimes, others need a different kind of help.

Business seminars held by FBLA educate fellow students about their future career paths. It helps them open their eyes and assist them to decide what they want to do with their lives when they grow up.

These student-led seminars are something that’s very doable in your school. You can invite student leaders that will inspire others to prepare them for the future.