Key Club International is one of the most stable and influential student-led service programs in the world. For one, the organization has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals in YUDA. They’ve not only done their part in reaching out to other schools. They’ve made it possible for us to cover bigger grounds.

Key Club International has taught us that you don’t have to go big to serve your community. There are many Key Club projects that made a great impact by simply doing sincere and honest community.

Service Program

If you’re interested in being part of a Key Club, or if you’re in one right now, then good for you! You can help people in many and exciting ways.

One of the many struggles of Key Clubs is how to start a project. If you’re one of them, then here are Key Club projects you can do at the heart of your area.

Beautify your parks

One of the best ways to serve your area is to make it look appealing and welcoming. Beautifying your parks will make your community more inviting. It will also inspire others and liven up the environment.

Gather your fellow students and organize a clean up as well as a tree and flower planting in your parks. You can even extend your reach and welcome other volunteers from your community while you’re at it.

Help a family

One of the best Key Club projects ever organized in their “Adopt a Family” program. You and your fellow students can take inspiration from this by helping a family out. For example, you and your family can “adopt” a family by providing them with food, clothes, and other essential needs.

It’s not just the holidays that these families need help. It’s important to take note that they could use all the aid they can receive all year round. Ask your local church, food pantry or homeless shelters how you can help.

Create a bracelet for a cause

Just like here in YUDA, we’ve taken a little bracelet and have managed to create a full-blown campaign that provides the children of Guatemala and other countries the chance to go to school. Key Club bracelet projects have also been in the works previously. You too can take part by organizing your bracelet for a cause program.

All you need are a few materials to get started, From here, you can sell the bracelets for a small amount and allocate it for a charitable cause. You can also ask help from your local church, stores, and other establishments to expand your reach and help sell more bracelets.

If you need any help, we are more than happy to assist you. We believe the more people who are ready to serve the community, the more we can accomplish.