As a member of Rotakids, students should strive to aid the community in the best ways possible. That’s why many we brainstorm project ideas for Rotakids. There are also a lot of different community service projects out there that they can try. Some are better than most. If you’re not sure which project is right for your team of Rotakids, take a moment to consider the following ideas…

4 Project Ideas for Rotakids:


This is a charity event that focuses on aiding creative children. Rotakids can help by providing books and writing materials. They can also visit a local 826LA branch to take part in games and activities. Rotakid members can conduct activities that help 826LA children explore their artistic and creative side.

This is where book donation drives can become a very big help. These children need all the books, drawing materials, and paper that they can get. You never know – a child you helped today could become tomorrow’s director, painter, writer or actor.

Free Pet Vaccinations

Many homes have pets, whether it is a dog, cat, or something more exotic. Not all houses have had the chance to get their pets vaccinated for rabies. This is a very important step because it guarantees the safety of the owners and those around them.

Several veterinarian clinics and organizations like PETA often conduct free vaccination. Rotakids can join and volunteer to help in any way they can. They can help by holding down the pet as it is being vaccinated. They can help by filling up the forms along with the pet owners. Students can be the ones going house to house checking who has pets that need vaccination.

Yuda Bands

Here’s a great project idea for Rotakids because it’s very quick, easy to conduct, and it is 100 percent free. The students have to sell bracelets to raise funds. The money then goes to children in Zimbabwe or Guatemala and funds their education.

The kick here is that the students get to choose who they’ll sponsor. They’ll also get to communicate with that person through Skype calls, making the project a little more personal.  The indigenous people there craft the bracelets from reused coconut shells and leather. This means launching this project guarantees they’ll have a means of income.

Yuda Bands takes care of all the expenses. This covers the expenses for production of bracelets, shipping costs, and all the advertising materials. Unsold bracelets can get sent back free of charge too. All the students have to do is focus on selling the bracelets and spreading awareness.

Talent Show for Charity

Not every charity foundation needs clothes or canned food. Not every organization needs volunteers. All charity foundations, however, need funding. Rotakids can help by raising funds and a talent show is a very good way of doing so. These shows often attract a lot of people, so ticket sales are expected to be high.

A talent show will need participation from a lot of students. That alone means you’ve got a lot of people involved willing to help. Talent shows are also incredibly fun so there is an entertainment factor as well.