The Spanish National Honor Society was established in 1953. It now boasts of over 180,000 SNHS members. It has a flourishing reputation for being the only honor society devoted to Spanish students.

Becoming a member has its requirements. However, it goes beyond having the required grade and fulfilling member obligations. The SNHS is an organization that opens many doors to its student members. Whether you want to excel in service, business or the like, SNHS brings out the best in you.

There are many benefits you will experience as an SNHS member. Here are some that will further encourage you to become part of the esteemed group.

5 Benefits of SNHS Members


Increases awareness of Spanish culture

If you are passionate about all things Spanish, then being an SNHS member is a rewarding decision. You have plenty of opportunities to live your passion. Plus, you help increase awareness about the language and culture.

The Spanish culture is a thriving and fascinating one. Being able to share with the rest of the world what you know and learn is fulfilling.


Becoming part of a prestigious society

The SNHS is an authority in Spanish societies all over the world. It is an elite group that is widely accredited over the world.

When you are a member, you gain access to unique and exclusive opportunities to grow. The best and most trained professionals in the industry guide you. Furthermore, you get to work with like-minded people who are as passionate as you.


Gain access to research grants

There’s a lot you can do with your SNHS membership. For one, you can gain access to research grants related to the industry. You can learn more about poverty-stricken Spanish countries or find means to better your local community.

The organization can help you fund your project or help seek resources to make your study happen. That’s a big step towards realizing your dreams.


Builds a better resume and profile

An SNHS membership is a gateway to the world’s most renowned universities. If you are an active member of the group, you increase your chances of entering your dream college or career.

High school students who want to have a good head start will find that the SNHS is the perfect way to build a stunning profile. Moreover, the organization can also help you seek scholarship opportunities in the university of your choice.


Benefits the local and global community

Part of SNHS’s life-mission is to help local and global communities. They organize a lot of community service projects every year. From offering free tutoring programs to organizing feeding programs, there are plenty of ways the organization improves the lives of others. In fact, members can even come up with their own service ideas and make them happen.

The impact of SNHS goes beyond strengthening the Spanish community. It also aims to ensure that people can have a better life.


If you are looking to become a member, chances are your school is enlisted as part of the SNHS. Otherwise, you can always get in touch with the organization yourself. Who knows? You could be the one to start a chapter in your school.