Christmas isn’t just a time for us to exchange gifts and feast endlessly. It’s also a time for us to share our blessings with others. After all, plenty of people aren’t as privileged as we may be. A good way to give back is through community service projects.

We consider the holiday season as a chance for us to give back. That’s why we commit ourselves to community service projects, particularly during this time. This way, we can bring smiles and shine a light to those who need it.
If you are looking to do the same, here are community service ideas you can try to spend the Christmas cheer.

Below are 5 Community Service Projects You can do during the holidays:

1. Have your kids collect their old toys

If you have children, this is the best time to get them involved in your project. Surely, many old toys are lying around that could use a new home. Have your kids gather them, clean them up and put them in a box. Let them donate it to a shelter or Goodwill.

You can even go the extra mile by going to the shelter yourself and giving the toys to the children. It would be a great opportunity for your kids to see and realize that they made other children happy in their little way.

2. Make greeting cards for senior citizens

Holiday blues affect a lot of people, particularly elderly who don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with. Some of them are alone in a retirement home and could use a little cheering up.

Why not make greeting cards for them? Let them know that they are not alone during the holidays and that you are thinking about them. You can always throw in more efforts by bringing these cards yourselves or even organizing a simple program to keep them entertained. You can have your friends, family or even the local community involved.

3. Cook for the hungry

Just as we’ve begun feasting this season, far too many are homeless and hungry. Instead of wasting the leftovers, why not give them to the people who are in need? You can also spend some time cooking a meal for the hungry and giving them away. Moreover, you can donate these food items to your community soup kitchen or shelter.

Another way to feed the hungry and homeless this season is by tapping local restaurants to donate their excess food.

4. Spread joy in the animal shelter

Let’s not forget about those who are left behind in the animal shelters. They too could use some warmth and company for the holidays. Apart from adopting a pet, you can visit an animal shelter and give out some toys and food.

Don’t forget about the volunteers and staff who are also sacrificing their time for our furry friends. Bring a little something for them while you’re at it.

5. Hold a holiday bazaar

Whether you are the leader of a student body or a mother who only wants to get everyone together in the neighborhood, there’s nothing better than a holding a holiday bazaar.

However, the idea is a little different from the bazaars we’re all used to. Instead of buying and selling, have everyone bring what they want to donate. From here, you can collect and organize the items to give to those who are in need.