Too often, people take life for granted. We forget life is beautiful. We forget to pursue happiness. Instead of creating daily habits for a happier life, we make ourselves busier. We live on autopilot, delaying things we are passionate about, squander dreams to a tomorrow that might not even come.

If you are going through this situation, know that it is never too late for you to change. It does not even need to be a big shift in lifestyle or changing your principles completely. You can start with 5 daily habits.

Here are 5 Daily Habits for a Happier Life:

Express Thankfulness in Everything

We often have misconceptions that living life means enjoying grand endeavors such as luxury vacations and the like. The reality is far from it, but attaining happiness means appreciating the things we already have.

It is difficult to feel thankful when life is not going the way you want it to. No matter how hard it gets, always remember that there is still something you can be thankful for. This includes your friends, family, and all your basic necessities.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are old habits and hidden anxieties that keep you stuck. Aspiring to a happier life means taking risks to grow. You have to challenge yourself to surpass the person you are right now.

It can seem scary, but doing your daily habits for a happier life doesn’t need to be grand like skydiving. Start small, like taking another route to work or even getting a new haircut.

Learn Something New every day

The most successful people are those who have the insatiable desire for learning. Getting new knowledge every day helps your mind stay fresh and active. It also upgrades your skill sets and helps you achieve your goals.

The world has a lot to offer in learning, so don’t ever stop looking for means to improve yourself. Even the smallest bit of relevant knowledge can help you in the long run.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Most people compare the worst of their traits to the best of other people, which makes them resentful of their life situation. It’s better to compare yourself to the person you were years ago and look at how you’ve improved.

Always remember the qualities you’ve developed over the years, as well as the things you can do better now. Comparing yourself this way is healthier and it makes you appreciate how you’ve evolved into the person you are today.

Take Care of Yourself More

Start engaging in activities that help improve your well-being. Spend time with yourself—cook healthy food, exercise, or even watch inspirational videos. Take charge of your happiness, since things can change once you put your mind into it.

It isn’t selfish to love your own person or to take care of yourself first. It’s necessary for you to focus on your own happiness and engage in daily habits for a happy life. You have to develop them in such a way that you become your own source of happiness.