We live in a world plagued by extreme poverty. Developing countries like Zimbabwe, Guatemala, and India are all struggling to make ends meet. Many of these people rely on the kindness of people to help realize their dreams of a better future. They are walking angels who have dedicated themselves to serve others.

Many young people are immersed in service for this very reason. These service projects for high schoolers, be it required or voluntary, give them a bigger purpose in life. It teaches them what it really means to give selflessly.

If you are a high school volunteer and are looking to join a program…

Below are examples of service projects for high schoolers you may want to consider.


Food Drive

In America alone, one in six people faces hunger every day. That’s why there could never be enough food drives to go around locally and globally. We highly encourage you to organize your very own food drive that targets the hungry and homeless in your community. Whether it’s boxed or canned goods, it would be ideal to start as early as possible. This gives you ample time to prepare and collect more to give more. This service project for high school students is particularly more rewarding leading to the holidays.


Food basket distribution

Another example of service projects for high schoolers is conducting a food basket distribution in your area. You can get in touch with the local municipality to find out who the low-income families are in your area. From here, you can collect food as well as other items and schedule a distribution day to give your baskets out.


Visiting the orphanage

Not everyone is as privileged as others. There are a lot of children who are left in orphanages waiting to be adopted or carrying on with their lives without a glimmer of hope or love. We may not be able to commit to being there for them every day but a day filled with joy just for them can impact them in a great way. Visiting them and taking the time to play games and draw with them are small yet heartfelt gestures that will put a smile on their face. You can even organize a movie day for all of them in the orphanage, complete with mats, popcorn, and refreshments.


Repaint the school

We often neglect the hard work people around us exert to make our surroundings beautiful. From the painters to cleaners, they are often invisible to many. That’s why a powerful and enriching service project for high school students will be to repaint the school or a section of it like the basketball court. This allows you to have a better understanding of the struggles of those who have blue-collar jobs.


Join national and global organizations

If you and your fellow student volunteers want to cover bigger ground, then now’s the right time to join a national or global organization. There are plenty of options to choose from such as Key Club, DECA, UNICEF, and even with us here at YUDA. Joining is a breeze. Before you know it, you are packing your bags and about to experience the service excursion of a lifetime.