Engaging students to learn a new language can be tough. However, it can be incredibly rewarding once your students start to enjoy it and begin to speak fluently. If you’re teaching Spanish, it’s always best to come up with fun projects for your Spanish club. This way, students will be excited and be more than willing to immerse themselves in this beautiful language.

Here’s a list of brilliant projects for your Spanish club that you can start:

Passion presentation

Sometimes, it easier to let your students explain what their passions are. Whether it’s cooking, collecting gaming cards or even a sport they love, it’s a good way to motivate them to share their thoughts.

One of the most engaging projects for your Spanish club is to organize a passion presentation. Here, you can have your students prepare a presentation in Spanish about one thing they love. Not only are they more excited to do the project. They get to sharpen their Spanish-speaking skills as well.

Movie day

Another way to get everyone in your Spanish club to develop their skills is through watching a movie. Whether it’s watching a Spanish film in a movie house or playing one in your classroom, it’s another effective way for your students to learn the language.

When doing this activity, try to make it more relaxed and fun by letting them enjoy it with popcorn or sweet treats. Afterward, review the movie with your class to see how well they understood it.

Teach Spanish to others

If the members of your Spanish club have become quite a natural in the language, perhaps it’s time to show others. Try and find out which students in other classes need more help in learning Spanish. From here, you can pair these students with club members for after-school tutoring sessions.

Tutoring is a great and rewarding experience that will also teach your club members the value of patience and pay it forward.

Vocabulary games

Whether it’s Scrabble, Jeopardy or hangman in Spanish, games are among the most engaging projects for your Spanish club. They take away the bore out of what could be another futile day in class. Plus, your students get to have a lot of fun while they’re at it.

Make the activity more interesting by doing it in groups. Not only are they learning to speak the language better. They will also learn teamwork and proper communication.

Spanish cuisine day

Another engaging project would be to organize a Spanish cookout in your school kitchen. You can have your students pick easy Spanish recipes and have them bring the ingredients as well. From reading out the recipe and steps aloud to discussing the cooking process, this is an exciting way for students to be more comfortable with the language.

One more upside to this project is they gain a different appreciation for Spanish cuisine. Perhaps, it’s already inspiring some students to discover their passion. Plus, they get to feast on paella, guacamole, and tapas after class!