Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” We couldn’t agree more. In teamwork, we can accomplish more goals and help more people in need. Whether you are a group of five or 500, a group service project can drastically improve the lives of so many people. So if you are about to embark on your first project with equally-inspired individuals, then you’re in the right place.

Below are group service project ideas you can adapt, from environmental beautification to volunteer activities.

Gift-Giving for Kids in Hospitals

There are a lot of kids who are currently recovering and being treated in a hospital. These children, some of which have been diagnosed with grave illnesses, aren’t able to experience the life meant for them. That’s why the simplest gesture of giving them gifts can ease their pain.

Choose a children’s hospital and organize your group into committees. Some could handle the collection of items while others will take care of the wrapping. You can also throw a party for them to make the event more unforgettable.


One of the most common group service project ideas is beautifying a particular area. Part of which is reforestation, a project that will not only breathe new and green life in your community. It will also improve the air that you breathe, thereby improving everyone’s quality of life.

Pick a spot where your group can start replanting. Make sure you coordinate with local authorities regarding rules and limits.

Outdoor Cleanup

Another way to improve the quality of life in your area is to organize a mass cleanup. Whether it’s a campsite, a large park or hiking trail, cleaner surroundings can bring joy to everyone.

Gather your team and plan your cleanup properly. Choose the area of your liking and have a system on how you can clean the site efficiently. Also, do not forget to coordinate with local authorities.

Soup Kitchen

Wherever you are in this world, there are always homeless and hungry people who can use your help. That’s why feeding programs a continuously important part of service projects everywhere. Make it yours too by organizing your very own soup kitchen.

Choose a venue where the homeless and hungry can come to eat. It could be your municipal hall or a school gym. Again, you can group your team into different communities. Some could be in charge of marketing while others could be in charge or cooking and serving.

Build Something

If a hurricane or storm recently struck your area, your group can create homes for the victims. Build a school for underprivileged children. You can also build a well in your community if water is scarce and expensive.

Building homes or wells will take a ton of planning, funding, and organization. So make sure you spend enough time plotting your project accurately. Find means to raise the money for your cause and welcome everyone who wants to help.

We hope these group service project ideas will help you implement your very own.