High school service is beneficial in numerous ways. It teaches students to be aware of community service at ripening age. It also shows them the value of paying it forward and going beyond themselves to be in service of others. Plus, it will also look good on your profile once you look at your chosen university.

The Yuda Bands Project as Your Next High School Service Project

Many schools have incorporated YUDA bracelets with their high school service project, and we couldn’t be happier. These high school students are full of life, zeal and are constantly inspired to take on bigger challenges. They are key to what have made YUDA what it is now. That’s why we’re more than happy to reach our helping hands to those who want to start their very own high school service project.

If you want to start your very own, then look no further. We are here to help you come up with various service projects for high school students. Here are great ideas to try:

1. Art for impoverished nations

One of the best ways to emulate service learning is through self-expression. The YUDA bracelets we make are themselves a product of love, labor, and expression. It’s through art that we can help send off students to schools.

You too can have your slice of the cake by coming up with various art projects as part of your high school service. For example, you and your fellow high school students can create artworks, auction them off at certain prices and give the proceeds to a charity for impoverished nations. It’s a beautiful way to express your creativity and make it count at the same time.

2. Upload videos or audio podcasts about valuable practices

There are tons of ways high school students can influence change in their school, their local community and the rest of the world. It may sound ambitious, but you’d be surprised how possible it is.

From the simplest idea of recycling to conducting outreach programs, you can widen the cast of your net by capturing these projects in videos and audio podcasts. Speak to your audience about the importance of good community practices and how they can help. This video or podcast becomes easily shareable among those in your area, and farther.

3. See what you can do for local landmarks

In today’s fast-paced world, we often forget our history. We become obsessed with modern ways and means to advance that we tend to disregard our old local landmarks that also require our attention.

Another high school service project idea is to study a local landmark and see what you and your fellow students can do for it. For example, an old historical building needs some restoration. Why not raise funds to help make that happen? This way, you are paying respect to your local area’s heritage and at the same time, becoming part of history. That to us is an unforgettable way to be part of something big!

4. Make hygiene kits for the homeless

Sometimes, the people you can help are just right next to you. There are millions of homeless people throughout the world. Sure, you may not be able to help them all, but you can extend your helping hand to some.

One more high school service idea is to make hygiene kits for the homeless in your area. From collecting hotel samples to purchasing travel-size toiletries, you can come up with complete packages that will go a long way for those in need. You can even widen your reach by reaching out to your local community government as well as other volunteers.

5. Volunteer at your nearest food bank or soup kitchen

One of the simplest ways high school students can affect immediate change is by volunteering in food banks and soup kitchens. Far too many people are hungry, homeless and weary. There are a lot of places you can go to help these people through nourishing them.

During your summer break, organize a time when all of you can go to your local kitchen. Just remember to be prepared by asking what the local kitchen or food bank’s rules are, how many volunteers are needed as well as if they need anything else.