Pre-college programs help high school students find their calling. For example, leadership programs allow young minds to sharpen their skills. Furthermore, it teaches them what it truly means to be an inspiring, influential and successful leader in the future.

There are plenty of leadership programs for high school students. They often conduct programs during summer. So why not spend yours differently this time around? Leave the Netflix binge behind and discover yourself with the help of the following programs.

NYU Global Leadership

NYU is among the most powerful universities in the country. Taking part in their leadership programs opens up new doors for teenagers at an early age.

One of their most popular leadership programs is the NYU Global Leadership. Students who are keen on pursuing business as their future career will find it inspiring. Here, participants immerse themselves in a three-week experience of learning leadership concepts and management skills. They get guest speakers from revered banks, charity foundations, and more who share their expertise.


KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy

International students also have plenty of leadership programs to choose from when they find themselves in the country. One example is the KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy organized by Wharton. It’s an intensive two-week program open to select international students from grade 9-12. Participants learn business, entrepreneurship concepts and American culture.

The two-week program consists of community service, field trips, residential activities as well as Wharton faculty presentations.


Leadership in the Business World

Wharton sponsors the Leadership in the Business World program. This program is perfect for high school seniors who want to further their leadership skills in business. It’s a special pre-college program that features classes in campus, company site visits as well as activities to helps participants learn what it is to be a 21st-century leader.

LBW doesn’t just offer leadership opportunities for high school students in the country. In fact, it has welcomed participants from six continents.


Harvard Forum for Leadership Initiatives

Harvard FLI is a special conference for high school students aspiring to become future leaders in their endeavors. Whichever niche you are looking into, this is one conference that will help you learn more about improving your skills. Furthermore, it consists of workshops and key speeches pivotal to developing your leadership concepts.

Student leaders who are also at the forefront of university organizations lead the workshops during the conference. They invite intelligent guest speakers to give inspiring speeches, conduct activities, etc.


NSLC On Sports Management

Leadership takes on various forms, whether you are in the realm of business, academics or sports. The National Student Leadership Conference is the most prestigious leadership program in the country. It has welcomed countless high school students throughout the country in hopes of turning their interest into a passion.

NSLC on Sports Management is a unique experience offered to athletes and sports fans that explore how to transform your passion to a career endeavor. From the “business” side of your favorite game to client management simulation, it’s a wonderful program for budding sports leaders and innovators.