Leo Club is a youth organization that inspires young minds to become positive agents of their community. “Leo,” which stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity, has been transforming today’s youth through inspiring service programs and projects that will hopefully mold them into becoming future leaders.

Whether or not you are a part of a Leo Club in your area, the organization has come up with brilliant service projects we can all take inspiration from. If you are looking to have your fundraiser or community program, then look no further.

Below are Leo Club service ideas you can adapt:

Monthly food drive

Hunger is a plague that’s stricken far too many people all over the globe. That’s why we fight it in our little way. Hopefully, with our collective efforts, more and more will experience what it’s like to be full, happy and content.

Leo Club service projects include monthly food drives that feed hungry children. You can organize your own by starting your team and coming up with a system. You can ask for donations from people and give it to your local shelter. Do this with the help of local authorities, the church or even through joining volunteer programs in your area.

Refurbish old bikes for the children

Poverty robs the essence of youth from children. Many of them never get to experience the simple joys of riding a bike. Another service project you can take after Leo Club is refurbishing old bikes for less fortunate children to use.

You can start by making an announcement in your school or community. Let everyone know of your project so more people can donate their old bikes. From here, designate individuals who have the DIY and craft skills to fix these bikes and make them feel brand new.

Volunteer in a children’s camp

Not all summer camps exist for privileged children. In fact, there are plenty of camps for the disabled, sickly and for those who have special needs. Why not go the extra mile and volunteer for these kinds of camps? You’d be surprised how many of these programs look for more people to get involved.

Start with your local community. Find organizations who hold camps for physically or mentally challenged children. Trust us. This is one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Collect items for battered women

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that 1 in 3 women are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner. They carry with them emotional and mental trauma that often paralyzes and renders them dysfunctional.

Another one of the best Leo Club service ideas you can adapt is collecting items for battered women in the shelter. Give them makeup, pre-loved clothes, shoes and support. These things will matter to women who have endured unbelievable abuse throughout their lifetime.

Give baby supply kits for newborns

There are far too many newborns uncared for no thanks to poverty. That’s why a good way to serve this part of the community is through providing baby supply kits for infants in need.

Much like a food drive or fundraiser, you can ask for donations from your school or community. From here, you can package and distribute them to babies who need them most.

Service doesn’t have to be done on a grand scale. Sometimes, the littlest things make the biggest impact. Consider the above Leo Club service ideas the next time you reach out to those in need.