High school is a great time for self-discovery. You are at a ripening age and you’ll learn what is beyond your homework, pop-up quizzes and school dances. That’s why we suggest you join your student council. Aside from buffing up your resume, you’ll develop skills pivotal for your future.

Joining a student organization is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself. For one, student council opportunities provide you with activities and projects that will shape the way you see the world and those who live in it.

Below are the reasons why you should join your student council:

1. It develops your leadership skills

Youth leadership is critical now more than ever. The world is counting on the younger generation to make the future brighter for everyone. That’s why we believe that it’s best for students to develop their leadership skills while they’re still in school.

Partaking in student council education provides you with the tools, activities and learning that you need to become a promising leader. From immersing you in service learning projects to attending seminars, student council opportunities will help you realize what it truly means to be a servant leader.

2. It helps you see beyond schoolwork

Some high school students find things superficial simply because they tend to get stuck in schoolwork. Day in and day out, they feel that they are just part of a futile world that only ever requires them to get good grades.

Joining your student council will help you see beyond homework and exams. Here, you will see what else you can do for your school and outside of it. It may help you realize what you want to become in the future.

3. It teaches you the value of teamwork

In real life, teamwork is what gets things done. Sure, you may be able to do certain things on your own. However, it’s so much more impactful and meaningful when you have people backing you up. That’s why as early as now, teamwork is taught upon joining a student organization. Here, you will discover both the challenges and rewards teamwork will bring you.

These student council opportunities aren’t always going to be easy. You will be dealing with clashing opinions and different personalities. At the end of it all, you’d have learned more than you did before.

4. It gives you a network of opportunities

Many of the biggest student-led organizations are always on the lookout for others who are ready to take on greater responsibilities. If you join your student council, you’ll be better prepared for these kinds of opportunities. It opens you to a whole new network of people, clubs, and companies that can take you further.

When you graduate, you can get in touch with these organizations to fulfill your dreams and provide you with career opportunities that are nothing short of astounding.

5. It lets you give back to the community

A major part of being involved in a student organization is service. Whether you are organizing a charity event, a sponsorship program or other service learning projects, this lets you give back to the community in numerous ways.

We believe it’s not only our privilege but also our responsibility to help those who are in need. That’s why being a student leader feels so rewarding. There is nothing like sharing your blessings and putting a hopeful smile on someone’s face.