Spanish is integral in the classrooms of Guatemala. It’s a language that will help them further improve their ability to communicate. In turn, it prepares them to face the real world and deal with all kinds of people once they graduate.

However, Spanish classes aren’t always easy. Just like other subjects, it can get a challenging and even a little boring sometimes. The good news is there’s always something you can do to spice things up.

Here are Spanish Class Project ideas to liven up the classroom:

1. Fill a wall with everything Spanish

There’s nothing better than immersing your class in everything Spanish. This way, they become more accustomed to the language and become more receptive to it. Make this fun by filling up a wall with all items in Spanish.

Make it your students’ homework to bring all kinds of things that have Spanish words and labels on it. The next day, have them put all these items up in a wall. From labels to beauty product packaging, you’d be surprised how excited you can get your students to feel. They will quickly realize how Spanish is just about anywhere you look.

2. Conduct a skit or show

One more Spanish club project you can try is by having your students come up with a skit or show. Whether it’s a radio drama reading, a puppet show, a commercial or a live dramatization, allow your students to come up with their concept.

You can have your students prepare a show that will last 3-5 minutes so you can be sure the attention of everyone else in the room is not lost. Moreover, you can grade them based on pronunciation, cultural content, creativity, and effort.

3. Come up with a video presentation

Videos are increasingly one of the best ways to share content to your audience. You can also incorporate this in your Spanish class project by having your students come up with a short video. Whether it’s a travelogue, a skit, a review or a recorded commercial, it can be anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

Have your students prepare a script you can review. Take a look once the video is presented. Just like in the previous idea, you can grade them based on pronunciation, cultural content as well as creativity and effort.

4. Organize a one-on-one interview

Interviews are an efficient way to showcase Spanish. Whether it’s informal or formal, this form of communication tests your students’ mastery of the language.

There are different ways you can do this. You can group your students in partners or interview them yourself. It would be helpful to record the interview, so your students know their strong points and areas of opportunity.

5. Lead a field trip to a Spanish-run establishment

Whether it’s a trip to the Spanish embassy or a Spanish restaurant, another Spanish club project would be to bring your students where they speak Spanish daily.

While you’re on the trip, have your students speak Spanish throughout and let them take notes on certain areas where they need to improve on or words they don’t understand much. It will be a fulfilling learning experience for everyone.