Getting a position in the student council can lead to big changes. You’ll gain access to more leadership training like workshops and seminars. Colleges and companies will recognize you as a natural leader and make you good offers. You might even get a scholarship because you’ve showcased what you can do with big responsibilities. In that regard, winning the student council election means a lot.

Here are five key things that will help you win your Student Council Election:

Use a Very Catchy Slogan

Studies have shown that people often vote for candidates they remember the most. They vote for candidates that made a strong imprint on their mind. This is why election winners, whether in school or in the government, are often those who have the resources to have commercials, posters, websites, and more. You can make people remember you and your campaign by having a really good slogan.

Slogans have to be catchy. A catchy slogan is easier to remember and easy to market. Catchy slogans pretty much sell themselves one they become viral around the campus. People will be saying it more and more, even when they haven’t heard your speeches yet. This increases the chances of the student body voting for you.

Give a Lot of Posters and Flyers

This might sound like a traditional method but it does work. Giving out a lot of posters and flyers will make people remember your name and face. They’ll see your face and recall your speeches or slogan. If they can recall you more than your opponent’s, it is likelier that they’ll vote for you.

Make sure to evaluate your poster’s design before you print and spread it around. The poster should be clear even from a distance, especially if your slogan is on it too. Your name and face should be recognizable.

Perfect Your Speech

Your speech can make or break your whole campaign. You want to send the right message to the right audience. Know your audience and make sure to write the speech in a way that connects with them. This means perfecting the tone and choice of strong words.

You want your speech to be aggressive in parts in order to make a lasting impression. At other times you’ll want it softer so that they don’t tire of listening to your speech.

Lastly, make your speech short and direct to the point. If it’s too long with a lot of fluff it’ll bore the audience and no one will listen to your message, no matter how important it is.

Communicate with the Students

Get out there. Speak with the students. Don’t be too aggressive but still make it a point to greet them in the hallways and market your campaign. You’ll want to convince them, in person, why you’re the right choice to be their student leader. By being out there, the other students will feel that you care and you’re serious about winning the election.

Make sure to use social media outlets as well. You can participate in group chats, post daily updates on Facebook or Instagram, and stay updated with the latest school news.

You can even make polls or start online debates to tackle important issues in your school. This will let the students see you’re trying to help out even when you haven’t won yet.

Lead by Example

Students will vote for people who practice what they preach. Be there during Election Day and be the first one to place your vote. Stand where they can see so they can ask for help. If you are giving away pins and badges, make sure to wear them.

Are you are running charity activities along with your campaign? If you are, wear something that promotes it. If you’re selling Yuda Bands or Girl Scout cookies, make sure to wear the bracelet or eat those cookies as a snack.