Service is an empowering way to learn about living for others. It’s easy to get lost in our daily lives that sometimes, we forget that we worry about superficial things. Others are having it much harder and the littlest effort can make a big difference.

Many students think that community service is burdensome. They obsess about all those hours they have to meet. They also find it more of a chore than a gift. However, this hesitation often stems from a poor pairing of service and individual.

The reality is there are many ways to make community service fun. Here’s how…


Align it with your interests

When you’re volunteering for something you’re not interested in, then it won’t be enjoyable. You’re going to count the hours instead of forgetting about them.

We highly recommend choosing a project that aligns with your personal interest. For example, being passionate about music may mean spending time teaching kids how to play an instrument. You can also volunteer at a soup kitchen if you enjoy cooking.

There are so many community service projects out there. It’s simply a matter of being primarily interested in them. The next thing you know, you’re doing a lot more than just the required hours.


Fix your schedule

It can become burdensome when it’s hard to find time for it. That requirement begins to weigh down on your shoulders that you grow frustrated instead of excited.

Another way to make community service fun is by fixing your schedule. Find the best time for the project. Prioritize the ones that need to be done first without completely missing out on the time you spend with your friends and family.

When you have a good working schedule, it becomes easier. You start to look forward to it from hereon out.


Do it with your friends

There’s nothing more exciting than doing things with your friends. So why not spend your community service with them? It’s going to motivate you more and have a lot more fun while you’re at it. Plus, it’s less likely to feel like a chore.

When you’re serving with friends, time flies and you get to do a lot more with them. The best part? You’re bound to meet new friends as well.


Find time to play games

Community service isn’t just about organizing donations or getting those plates in line. There are so many ways you can serve your community. For one, you can spend time with the children in the shelter by playing games with them. You can also take breaks in between to have a round or riddles or last letter game.

These engaging activities break boundaries and allow everyone to loosen up. Games help get to know each other better and make one another a lot more productive.


Have a sense of adventure

Community service opens many doors to volunteers, particular students like you. Once you decide to step out of your comfort zone, you will quickly realize that it’s more than just a school requirement. It’s a chance to find what you are passionate about. It’s a moment where you can help someone in need and not expect anything in return.

A meaningful community service project may just be what you need to unlock your full potential.