The Humanitarian Institute found that 93% of people live in extreme poverty. That’s less than $1.25 a day. As a result, more people do not have access to the most basic needs like water, food, shelter and education. That’s why many people help the poor now than later.

Poverty is a global issue. The problem is more prevalent in third world countries.

Countries like Guatemala, Ethiopia and India are denied the right to education. There are currently 124 million children that do not attend school and 757 million adults that are illiterate.

There’s a lot to be done to end extreme poverty. Even you can make a big difference in your own little way.

Here’s how you can help the poor now.


Raise awareness

The more people know about the world’s condition, the more they will care. Raising awareness sparks hope. It motivates people to do something about it. So make sure you do your part. If you have a knack for writing, why not start writing about poverty? Write about in your blog, your school paper or even as a status on your Facebook. Accompany it with statistics as well as photos or videos to make a stronger impact.


Talk about it in your youth group

Whichever group you are in, talking about it also makes a difference. Bring it up the next time you meet with members. Talk about what is going on, what you can do and how to carry out programs or projects. Again, the more people involved, the better. It doesn’t have to be a massive project. You can start small and dedicate your efforts in your local community for now. Even if you don’t belong in a youth group, gathering your friends is just as equally enriching.


Don’t just collect and give money

Money is often tricky when it comes to helping the needy. Others consider it a quick escape to rid themselves of the anxiety-stricken dilemma they have. Sometimes, the money is much more limiting than other efforts you can exert. That’s why we highly encourage you not to focus your energy on it. There are so many ways we can change the lives of the needy for the better. Organizing a clothing/book/shoe drive is a good place to start.



There are so many ways you can volunteer. You can be part of a local community service project, apply for a global volunteering program or learn about international humanitarian efforts. There are plenty of organizations you can join such as Yuda Bands, DoSomething and Habitat for Humanity.


Give a moment

Sometimes, the simplest gesture of giving your time to a child makes all the difference. Traveler, writer, and co-founder of the Ethical Traveler, Jeff Greenwald once said that “Generosity doesn’t have to mean giving away things. Sharing a bit of yourself, opening a window into your own world, is a good place to begin.”

Give a moment to those in need. Ask what their names are, what they like to do and who they want to be. Connecting with the needy at this level makes you all the more dedicated to improving their lives.