Volunteering isn’t just an academic requirement. We believe that the benefits of community service go beyond required hours. From the people you meet to the places you see, it’s unlike any experience.

Whether you’re a high school student or freshman, it’s a great time to try something new. Read on to find out why community service could be your newfound passion.

Benefits of Community Service

It’s a gateway to a healthier, longer life

CNCS found a direct link between health and volunteering. The report concluded that those who volunteer have lower mortality rates and lower depression rate. Moreover, they have the greater functional ability.

We can say that volunteering is truly good for your health. It makes us feel good inside and gives us a higher sense of purpose, which can motivate us to live better.


It improves resumes

A better profile is one of the many benefits of community service. Whether you are applying for an internship or the college of your dreams, volunteering makes you look good. It adds to your line of experience, which employers and universities find appealing.

It’s best to commit as much time to serving as you can. This consistency and frequency will further show how outstanding you are.


It creates a network

You’re never too young to build your own network. It’s the people you connect with that can significantly help you fulfill your hopes and dreams. Fortunately, community service can boost your network in many ways.

You learn about new job positions, develop skills and acquire exclusive internships. Furthermore, you also meet fellow volunteers who can provide references and recommendations in the future.


It increases self-efficacy

A boost in self-efficacy is arguably one of the greatest benefits of community service. Those who volunteer in their teens develop a sense of self. This allows them to gauge their own competence and build their confidence.

This can-do attitude is what helps student volunteers perform better not only in school but in real life as well. They continuously grow and become more efficient in dealing with day-to-day decision-making.


It curbs biases and judgments

Community service opens you to a door of multi-cultural diversity. You will experience the various practices and traditions particularly when you volunteer overseas. It’s not just an opportunity to travel abroad. It’s also a chance for us to forget about all the judgments, biases and stigma that surround foreign places.

Spending time in developing nations will open your mind. It will show that despite the differences, everyone longs for a better life and equal opportunities. All the superficial problems we used to worry about now become obsolete. You will certainly be a changed person upon your return.


It lets you make a real difference

There’s nothing planting your first tree or building your first school. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience that we wish everyone could embark on.

Volunteering lets you make a real difference whether you’re serving locally or overseas. The benefits of community service are tenfold, whether you’re on the giving or receiving end.