Volunteering benefits teenagers in numerous ways. It not only adds up to your required community service hours. It also teaches you the value of service and giving back to those in need. Plus, it also helps you understand what your personal interests and skills are. If you need community service ideas, don’t fret. We’ve listed some of the most fun, exciting and engaging community service ideas for teens.

Here are 6 Community Service Project Ideas for Teens:

Offer after-class tutoring

Whether you are skilled in math, sports or music, it would be a rewarding experience for you to share your gift with others. You can provide free after-class tutoring to kids or even students of your same age. Who knows? You could be teaching a young professional athlete or future mathematician.

Volunteer at a non-profit thrift store

Not all volunteer work should feel like a chore. In fact, one of the most fun community service ideas for teens out there is volunteering at a non-profit thrift store. If you’re a young stylist or fashion designer, you will certainly enjoy your time here. You can start manning the register or doing back inventory. You can then make your way to merchandising if you please. Just remember that it needs to be a non-profit thrift store, like Housing Works in New York. Otherwise, it won’t count.

Visit an elderly home

There are too many elderlies that deserve all the love, care and attention. Some of them never had visitors throughout their stay in a retirement home. So why not organize a day visit filled with activities, food, and gifts? Gather your friends and delegate tasks to each. This way, our beloved senior citizens get to play games, eat good food and enjoy the companionship. Even the littlest gesture of sitting with them or taking a walk together can brighten their day.

Go out of the country

Community service doesn’t stop in your local area. In fact, there’s much work to be done on a global scale as well. So if you want to experience a different culture all while helping those in need, then your best bet is to get in touch with ISV and Global Leadership Adventures. You can either find yourself building playgrounds for kids in Africa or even immersed in Rural projects somewhere in Thailand.

Teach in inclusive spaces

Another way you can be of service to others is by education in inclusive spaces. For example, you can share your talent as a bonafide soccer player by teaching children with disabilities. You can get a head start with the American Youth Organization or Achilles International. The YMCA chapter in your area may also have something for you.

Get involved with youth organizations

Whether it’s the FCCLA, Key Club or Leo Club, many youth-led organizations provide community service ideas for teens. Moreover, they have particular leadership programs that can help you realize your full potential. This way, you will have a better idea of what it is you want to do in the future.

We hope these ideas will not only help you cover all those hours but also, bring out the potential servant leader in you.