Volunteering abroad is life changing. That’s why we’ve made it part of our mission to invite young volunteers to volunteer abroad and share this experience. We embark on a service project to Guatemala every year. These lucky volunteers will have a taste of what it’s truly like to live a life of service.

We’ve lined up inspiring reasons for you to volunteer abroad.

Perhaps this will be enough motivation for you to join our exciting service trip.

Make a difference

We’re particularly proud of student volunteers. Not only are they getting out of their comfort zone. They’re also doing so at a very young age. Volunteering abroad allows you to truly make a difference. It doesn’t matter how little the scope of your task is or how short the time you spent there. It’s about stepping up, acknowledging that you can do something and actually do it.


Live your passion

Not everyone can say that they’re living their dream. However, if you have a heart of service, you are certainly in for an incredible journey. For example, if you are passionate about helping less fortunate children, our service trip may resonate with you. Student volunteers will see first hand how our Yuda bands are made and meet those who make them. They will also meet the students and their families whom we have helped put through school. It’s an experience unlike any other.


See the world

Traveling is among the greatest experiences in the world. There’s something fulfilling about coming to a foreign land and growing a lot closer to it. Overseas volunteers not only get to live their passion. They also get to see the world while they’re at it. There are so many things to do, places to see and people to meet. Your perception grows over time, allowing you to be more open-minded and accepting of diversity.


Learn new skills

From learning a new language to creating a compost toilet, volunteering abroad teaches you many things. These life skills aren’t only fun. They can also open new doors for you once you enter college or find your future career. Moreover, they make you feel a lot more connected to the community you are serving.


Discover new things

We come in with a heart of service ready to help. However, apart from what we know and what we love, volunteering abroad opens our eyes to more. Whether it’s a new cuisine or a new way of doing things, this self-discovery will help you grow as a person. Perhaps you’ll end up using these new experiences to help further your hopes and dreams.


Appreciate what you have

We tend to overlook the comfort and luxury we live in. Not all of us may be born with a lot of money. However, we do have comfortable beds to sleep in and a roof over our heads every day. Volunteering overseas allows us to appreciate what we have back home. Seeing the current conditions many Guatemalans live in, for example, will make you realize just how lucky you are to live the way you do.