The National Honor Society (NHS) builds future leaders through excellence in academics. Maintaining a scholarship is one of the key pillars of membership. It’s not the only pillar though; students are required to take part in community service projects. This will cultivate their leadership skills and teach the value of helping the world around them. With that in mind, here is a look at seven project ideas for NHS members:

7 Project Ideas for NHS Members:

Soup Kitchen Volunteering

NHS members can always help feeding the hungry, the poor, and the homeless. They can volunteer at soup kitchens and help distribute the food. Other NHS members can help cook and prepare the meals. Others can help cleaning the kitchen and wash the dishes.

Yuda Bands

Here’s a unique service project because it only lasts for two weeks and it doesn’t cost a thing. Students have to visit the Yuda Bands website and pick a child to sponsor. This child will come from Guatemala or Zimbabwe and the goal is to sell bracelets to fund that child’s education. The good thing here is that the organization pays for the cost of shipping and all marketing materials. The students only have to focus on selling as many bracelets as they can to raise funds.

Tree Planting Project

Planting trees is a very easy service project but it lends to good leadership training. Students need to organize themselves well to plant and transfer seedlings. It also opens up an opportunity for teachers to further instill the value of taking care of the environment. You can even mix in recycling projects with tree planting to get two service projects done at the same time.

Volunteer to Tutor Younger Students

The NHS club aims to help students strive and become exemplary members of the community. The students can pay this forward by teaching what they’ve learned to the younger children.

A good service project is to let the NHS members visit the younger classes and tutor the students in subjects they find difficult. Organizing a tutoring program is also a great way of accomplishing this.

Wash Cars to Raise Funds

Students may not have the finances to conduct extravagant charity activities or service projects. It’s a good thing there are a lot of low-cost alternatives that still help society. Uniting to wash cars and other vehicles to raise funds is a big help. The money raised can go to different charity groups like Red Cross, 826LA, and UNICEF.

Talent Show for the Elderly

The elderly are often forgotten in retirement homes. They can live isolated and repetitive lives until people come to visit. NHS members can help the elderly by visiting and putting up an entertaining show. Students can conduct a talent show or even a music show. Even simple activities such as these can impact their lives in big ways.

Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is always open to volunteers and other forms of help. Students can go house-to-house to ask for donations. They can volunteer at construction sites to help build new homes. This is the type of service project that puts NHS leadership training to good use. It’s also a project that students can volunteer for very quickly and without funding.