The world has more than 1 million poor children. These kids need all the help they can get to have a better future. You may not change the lives of one million children. But, if you support a poor child, just one, it can cause a ripple effect that will affect thousands of lives.

There are many ways to support a child. Many organizations and individuals dedicated their lives to ensure these poor kids have a future. If you want to be one of those people, here are 9 ways you can help:

1. Donate a part of your weekly allowance

Set aside a small percentage and give it to a charity or organization near you. The group will use the money to buy foods, clothes, and learning materials for the kids.

2. Ask Your Youth Group to Contribute

Find friends who share the same interest as you, and ask them if they would like to contribute. It will surprise you how many have always wanted to help. Once you make a good team, you can apply to become part of an organization that supports children. Make sure the team is in your community.

3. Sponsor a Child to Get an Education

If you have the burden to support a poor child, sponsoring their school fees can help them big time. Education is the key to success. And it is what they need to stand on their own. By giving a small part of your income every month to support a poor child, they’ll be able to pay for school.

4. Become a Regular Donor to Charity Organizations

Charity homes don’t have a lot of money to feed, clothe, and school many poor children. Sometimes they run out of resources and depend on well-wishers and donors. Why not become a donor? You can help raise enough money to support kids who need your help for years to come.

6. Share Your World with the Less Fortunate

If you eat five meals a day, cut back on the amount and share a part with a child in need. You can reduce the number of times you eat per day to three. And then share at least two meals with a kid who doesn’t have anything to eat.

7. Donate Food to Children Organization

If you are afraid to share food in the street, you can donate to an organization near you. You don’t have to take food there every day. You and the group can make an agreement on which day to bring food to kids in the charity home.

8. Donate Your Old Clothes

Donating old clothes to the needy is a great alternative to burning them. You should donate each attire that your child has overgrown. The more clothes you give, the more you help a child out there to get warm.

9. Work with Us

Our mission at Yuda Bands is to raise money through art to support children who do not have enough. By partnering with us, we can make a good team that will make a difference in the lives of needy children.