Yuda Bands Empowers Youth

in the developing world to break multi-generational poverty by combining academic education with core value and leadership training.

We supercharge formal education through a program called LEAD which combines three major components to teach students powerful tools for success.

Goal setting is a new and powerful concept for students and their parents, and one that gives new life and hope. Through goal setting, Yuda Bands students begin to look to tomorrow, not only to envision their dreams, but also to create a realistic plan to reach those dreams.

Yuda Bands sponsored students are involved in the LEAD program for an average of three years. Yuda Bands students meet one on one every month with our directors who monitor their academic success and give guidance, counsel, directions, and encouragement.

Time Management, budgeting, problem solving, integrity, dependability, and respect are examples of critical skills for success taught to both students and parents at monthly workshops. These powerful tools, combined with an academic education, give the students an edge after high school.

As the students advance through the LEAD program, they’re able to present at the monthly workshops. Guided by our directors, they learn how to research a topic, prepare a presentation, and teach in front of a group of 200-250 students/parents. This builds confidence and makes them an expert on that particular topic.

When Yuda Bands students give service in their community each quarter, they realize they literally have the power to impact their community. They witness the result of identifying a concern, analyzing a problem, and working together to find a solution.

Statistics show that people who give are healthier, happier, and wealthier. Community service projects provide an opportunity for students to give in a way they can afford. Coming from a background of poverty, service projects provide a rare opportunity for them to take part in the magic of giving.


Leadership Education, Attitude Development


In 2016, Yuda Bands conducted a study showing that the LEAD program boosts the likelihood of a student getting a job after graduating from high school by over 300%


Before the LEAD program (pre 2012), the percentage of Yuda Bands sponsored students who found jobs or continued on to higher education after graduating from high school was about 20%


Since implementing the LEAD program from 2012 to the time of the study, the number of students finding jobs has climbed by 85%

Information shows the results of a study conducted by Yuda Bands in December of 2016. Yuda Bands students who had graduated from high school and the LEAD program, up through the year 2015, were asked about their employment/education status, job satisfaction, components of the LEAD Program that have proven beneficial, and feedback about ways the LEAD program could be improved.

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