Yuda Bands don’t sell themselves. The brand alone can guarantee a few sales but you need to advertise the Yuda Bands project well if you want to raise a good amount of funds. You’ll need to plan ahead and discuss with your teammates how you’ll market the project.

If you’re struggling to find ideas how…

Here are 8 ways you can advertise the Yuda Bands Project in your school:

Teach People What Yuda Bands are About

Some people buy Yuda Bands to be cool. In some places, these bracelets are very trendy. This means a few people might buy them only to fit in.

You’ll want to focus your advertising campaign to educate these people about the significance of Yuda Bands. Let them know why these bracelets got made and why your team is selling them.

Selling Yuda Bands funds the education for poor kids in Zimbabwe and Guatemala. That should be the primary focus of your advertising campaign. Let the other students and adults understand that they’re not only buying bracelets to keep up with what’s hot. Let them know that each bracelet they buy helps someone across the world.

Don’t Forget to Use the Posters

The Yuda Bands organization sends the marketing materials free of charge. Take advantage of this and use the posters they give. There is a wide variety of posters so you do have the opportunity to pick which one suits your marketing theme. Always make sure that the poster you use has the appropriate theme. This will accentuate the message you’re going for.

Putting the posters up is only one half of the process. You also have to make sure that they’re placed in marketable areas. Putting them up on the school bulletin board or the community board is great ideas. A bad idea is to put up a poster in the storage room or the cleaning room, places few people ever go to.

You can make your own posters as well. This is necessary when you’re aiming to market the bracelets at a specific event a particular theme.

Do an Assembly or Presentation

If you’re going to advertise the Yuda Bands project at an institution then give a presentation. Organize the people into an assembly so you can showcase what Yuda Bands is about in one go. This ensures you don’t have to repeat the presentation to different classes. You won’t have to interrupt their activities too many times.

This is also beneficial because you’ll have everyone’s attention at the same time. Now you can pour all the information and marketing materials at once. This becomes especially helpful when you’re advertising at a school. Instead of going from class to class, you can advertise to many with only one presentation.

During the assembly, you can also introduce the student you are sponsoring. One of the best things about Yuda Bands is that it lets you connect with the person you’re helping. You can converse with them through Skype and exchange photos. You can share their story during the presentation. This can motivate others to help sell bracelets.

Take Advantage of the Videos on YouTube

Yuda Bands has an official YouTube channel. They post videos on a regular basis and you can use these to your advantage. If people want to know more about Yuda Bands you can direct them to these videos. If someone isn’t sure about Yuda Bands then these videos are a great visual aid.

If you’re doing a presentation then these videos can come in handy. You can showcase a few videos so that everyone in the assembly gets the message. You can then build your presentation from there and expand further.

Run a Competition

Competitions help sell more bracelets. It will help motivate the other teammates to sell bracelets. You can even motivate others outside the group, like classmates or parents. You can focus on competitions like girls versus boys or a competition between different grades. You can set on a competition between the middle school students versus the high school students. The winners are the ones who sell the most Yuda Bands Bracelets.

Studies have shown that competitions lead to higher profits when it comes to fundraising events. A lot of people get motivated to join even when there is no financial prize waiting for them. Simply winning is a good prize for many.

Get the Teachers and Parents Involved

Yes, Yuda Bands projects are often delegated to students but you can expand beyond that. You can advertise the Yuda Bands project to the teachers and parents as well.

Teachers may know some people outside the school who would purchase or re-sell some bracelets. They could advertise to co-workers or friends at the church.

You might know teachers or parents who are active in charity events and foundations. They could sell a lot more bracelets than you’d expect. They could even help advertise the project to their circle of associates.

Use Social Media Resources

Yuda Bands sends marketing materials like posters for free. You can use these to advertise your project but you have to think outside the box as well.

Today’s world is a digital one so take advantage of the tools available to you. Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Spreading your advertisements online can reach thousands of people in an instant. If someone shares your post then they could reach thousands more. Online marketing spreads fast like wildfire. Advertise the Yuda Bands project online and you’ll be able to sell more bracelets than you’d expect.

Get It in the Press

Like social media sites, the press is a good way to advertise your Yuda Bands project quickly. The school paper, the local newspaper, and local broadcast shows should be your starting point.

A lot of people still read printed media. This means you can market your project to a wider range of people, especially those who don’t get online as much.

If you have the budget, you can get a commercial out on the radio. Even a fifteen-second jingle can catch hundreds of people’s attention. By putting it out on the radio you can advertise to people constantly on the road.

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