Aiding Honduran Orphans

A group of abandoned and neglected children in Honduras will be getting a financial boost thanks to the efforts of Spanish Fork High School students. Helping Honduras Kids, a non-profit, volunteer operation which manages a children home, orphanage, and several schools in Honduras, will use funds raised by Spanish Fork High School students to help children in need.

SFHS Student body officers and council members heaed up the project with the goal to help keep Honduran children in school. Their fundraising efforts will go to pay school fees, school uniforms, school lunches and other educational costs for books etc, so that Honduran orphans can continue to attend school. “The only way out of poverty for many of these kids is to give a child an education,” says Kendra Lauder, a project leader and student body officer “we are grateful to help change lives bygivingthem the education they need.”

Members of the student council raised over $4,500 for Helping Honduras Kids and the YUDA Foundation through two different projects. First they sold YUDA Bands, stylish handmade leather and coconut bracelets imported from Guatemala and turned into a humanitarian project by YUDA Foundation, a local non-profit organization. The name YUDA is derived from AYUDA, the Spanish word for help. YUDA bands have been selling like hotcakes in US high schools, with funds earned from the sales helping under privileged kids around the world. Information about YUDA Bands can be found at their website: “The amazing thing about YUDA Band Projects,” said Brent Whiting, founder of YUDA foundation, “is that youth are helping youth – and they’re seeing they have the power to affect lives in a positive way. They love the bracelets and think they’re stylish, but the fact that something as simple as buying one will make a difference is appealing to youth.” Kendra witnessed this affect among her peers, “The students loved the designs andpopular style of the bracelets so much that many bought more than one. Spanish Fork High School students wereproud to be part of this project, they were happy to pay money for a bracelet and in turn help give a child in need a better education.”

In addition to raising money through the YUDA Band Project, Spanish Fork High School student council members went all out with a Dare Fundraising Challenge. Each member of the council committed to perform a dare if certain amounts of money were raised. These dares included such things as eating a worm, walking on ones hands and knees to class for a week, partially shaving one’s head or not showering or wearing makeup for a week etc. The excitement and enthusiasm created by the dare challenge encouraged the student body to reach deeper into their pockets and donate for a good cause. Shauna Griffen, SFHS Student body advisor said, “The kids did a great job to support this fundraiser, it really shows how much SFHS students really care about kids in need.”

The success of Spanish Fork High School’s service project comes at a time when most Americans are worried about their own economic challenges, making the success of the project even more impressive. How refreshing it is to see American students, the future leaders of our country, reaching out to others in need and really make a difference in these Honduran orphan’s lives. Through getting a good education, these children will have a better opportunity to overcome poverty. For more information or if you desire to donate or volunteer to these causes visit their websites at, or

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