The Future Farmers of America is an instrumental organization towards ensuring the country’s future. Founded by young farmers back in 1928, the group continues to live by the same credo: To make sure that the country is able to feed a growing population despite challenges.

Serving as an FFA Club Leader

FFA clubs are spread throughout the nation. Becoming a member unlocks a plethora of learning experiences. Along the way, you will develop more skills beyond planting and harvesting. You can even become an FFA Club leader in your chapter.

Leadership calls on people to become a great servant to the community. If you want to know what it takes to be an FFA Club Leader, then you’re in luck.

Below are the qualities of an ideal FFA club leader.

You must have vast knowledge

First things first: A leader is incredibly knowledgeable. Whichever chapter they are serving, they know full well what they are doing, what needs to be done and what else s/he can do.

Being in the FFA club and immersing yourself in it are two different things. If you have the zeal to increase your knowledge continuously, then people will respect you for it. It’s not just having by-the-book knowledge. It’s also knowing how to address certain things beyond agricultural education.

You must respect its history and rules

The FFA has been around for 89 years. That’s nearly nine decades of working towards feeding a growing population. Apart from its rich history, such an organization follows certain rules and regulations.

To be a leader in an FFA club, you must respect its history and its rules. It’s not just about having your way or having people follow you blindly. You are leading an organization that is founded on genuine service. The best way for people to follow you sincerely is for them to see you respecting FFA for what it is.

You must have a heart of service

Others want to become leaders because of the pride and privilege that come with it. However, that is the worst way to lead promising communities. An ideal FFA Club leader is someone who has the heart of service.

Efficient FFA club leaders understand the duty they are bound with once they say yes to the job. They know that they have the responsibility to continuously rise up to the challenge. They are there to specifically serve the organization, the community, and the country. It’s not for grandeur that these leaders work long hours. They are here to ensure the country’s agricultural future.

You must be objective and resilient

It’s not always going to be easy. In fact, there will always be obstacles along the way. What makes the difference is your drive to face them head on and come out on top.

Whether it’s members dispute, shortage of funding or equipment crisis, an FFA club leader stays objective and resilient. They do not cower or cave into the stress. They find ways to solve the problem and inspire others not to give up.

You must aspire to greater things

Sure, you’re young now and can be leading a much smaller group. However, promising leaders are always inspired to do greater things. They are always keen on covering more ground and achieving bigger goals in the future.

To some, being part of the FFA may just be about meeting requirements. To you who are passionate about agriculture success, much is yet to be discovered and learned.

You must give back

Just about every club and organization in the country conduct community service projects. It’s a humbling and learning experience that opens you up to a whole new world beyond your personal comforts.

Taking into consideration the food crisis the world is facing, one of the best things to do is to serve others. Whether it’s to raise awareness, organize a feeding program or teach poor farmers how to be self-sufficient, there are so many ways to give back.

You must find ways to improve yourself

Being a leader is a continuous cycle of self-improvement. Just when you thought you are so good at something, you end up discovering ways to be even better at it.

It’s no different when you’re serving as an FFA club leader. It could be how you communicate with others. It could be how you do certain things. The bottom line is encouraging you to improve and develop your skills. There are experts you can talk to or fellow leaders you can ask pointers from. There are online courses and videos you can also learn from.

You must know how to work with others

You’re not an effective leader if you choose to do all the work yourself. You’re also not an effective leader if you choose to criticize instead of guiding others in correcting their mistakes.

A true leader is someone who knows how to work with others. They know how to delegate tasks, open their minds to others’ thinking as well as give credit where credit is due.

You must embrace diversity

Diversity is the strength of our country. No matter the race, preference or strength/weakness, a leader acknowledges the fact that s/he will be working with all kinds of people.

It is through embracing the diversity that a leader is able to grow an organization and develop each others’ skills.

You must have a vision

Having a vision keeps your eye on the prize. Moreover, having a vision guides and inspires everyone. It teaches them that they are not just here to fulfill requirements or pass the time. They are here for a greater purpose.

Take the time to study yourself. What is it you really want to achieve in your FFA club? How will you go about making these dream goals a reality? How do you see yourself serving the FFA? If you become an FFA Club leader, what legacy will you leave behind?

You may be serving the FFA at a young age. However, you are already part of an organization that is built to feed the country, no matter the struggle.

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