Being a follower has developed a certain stigma. In fact, many don’t want to be branded as one. Such a leadership obsessed culture has led people to believe that followership isn’t important. However, both are equally essential. Without good and better follower, a leader cannot carry out his/her duties successfully. Moreover, teamwork won’t be possible.


Allow us to help you become a better follower in five simple steps.

Stay committed

Once a task is delegated to you, ensure that you see it through. It won’t always be a smooth road. That’s why staying committed is what makes a difference. Good followers make certain that the task gets done, whether they personally do it or further the delegation.

There are plenty of ways to accomplish your goals. You can ask for help or you can ask for guidance from your leader. Commitment is a true testament of character. It is what will hone you to become not only a better follower but also a better individual.


Be supportive

The leader may be assigned to be on top of everything. However, s/he can’t do it alone. A team exists to build each other up and provide support when needed. Whichever project you are currently working on, be supportive of everybody. From your leader down to the last person involved, let people know that you are there for them.

There will be ups and downs. What’s important is the team functions as a unit and doesn’t crumble down when obstacles happen.


Go above and beyond the call of duty

It’s one thing to be assigned a task and do it well. It’s another when you go out of your way and widen your view of what the job needs. A great follower knows that there will be times when they have to do more than what they are expected to. A fellow member may need help or someone may need to take initiative. Whatever it is, it’s always more productive to go beyond your duties.

This is particularly helpful when there are struggles. Problems are solved once people stop saying, “that’s not my job.” So go ahead and lend a helping hand. You’d be surprised how rewarding it feels.


Take care of yourself

The job can be demanding. The project may require a ton of physical, mental and emotional strength. That’s why you must care for yourself at all times. Whether you are planting tons of trees or feeding hundreds of hungry people, be sure to look after yourself.

Remember that you cannot accomplish your goals without caring for your health. When you need to take a breather, go for it.


Respect, respect, respect

There will be days when you feel that your leader isn’t doing his/her task well. There will be frustrating and annoying moments down the road. However, a little respect goes a long way.

Understand that your leader isn’t perfect. At the end of the day, everybody shares the same vision. Everyone has just as much passion. What’s important is that you respect everyone involved. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your goals are accomplished.