Doing community service benefits both the giver and the given. Helping a soup kitchen crew to raise funds and donations improve the lives of many.

Here’s a quick look at some of the many benefits from doing community service:

You’re Improving the Economy

Break the cycle. Doing community service that focuses on providing education or work impacts the world. People with education have a higher chance of getting great jobs and career.

Helping someone get an education means you’re giving them hope. If they succeed they reduce the number of people in poverty. They can then pay it forward and do more to help other people.

Some community service projects hit many objectives at once. Yuda Bands, for example, focuses on funding education for poor children. At the same time, it also creates jobs for Yuda Bands makers. People make those bracelets, after all, instead of automated machines.

Leadership Through Service

Several school clubs, such as Key Club International, teach leadership through service. People who do community service gain the skills sought in leadership positions. People who go through community service know how to work and communicate with a lot of people. They also know how to handle difficult tasks and different responsibilities.

By doing community service you’re training for the future. You’re becoming a leader and it shows on your resume too. When it’s time to apply for a job your employer will see what you’ve gone through. They’ll focus on you because you already have done leadership training and service work.

For this reason, many schools give students the opportunity to do community service. Those students will train through service and one day become politicians, doctors, lawyers and more. Through their service, they’ll understand what it takes to take care of other people. They’ll also learn to appreciate the fortunes they currently have.

Healthier and Happier Lives

Giving makes people happy and healthy. That not only applies to the given but also to the giver. The Cleveland Clinic did a study about the health benefits of donating. It shows that people who give have lower stress levels, depression, and blood-pressure. They also see an increase in self-esteem and longer lives.

It is also known that giving makes the giver happy. This is particularly caused by natural human empathy – the ability to feel what another person is going through. By donating or volunteering a person connects with the appreciation and joy that the receiver feels. This makes both parties feel happy and triumphant.

Doing Community Service Can Make You Richer

John D. Rockefeller often said he got rich by giving money away. This was later supported by a study conducted by the President of the American Enterprise Institute, Arthur C. Brooks. His study showed that families that give to charity do see an increase in their monthly income rates. People who volunteer also see an improvement in their income.

This means people who do community service are more likely to earn more money in the long run. You’re not only helping someone – you’re helping yourself too.