Key Club is the longest-running service program for high school students. It’s s student-led group that has influenced the youth to become more responsible citizens and individuals. They are passionate, enthusiastic, and creative. In fact, these high school students come up with the best Key Club service ideas.

What makes Key Club stand out is its opportunities to provide high school students a holistic experience as young leaders. It’s at this age that these students are on the verge of self-discovery. Wherein, they can find out for themselves what they want and how they see themselves in the years to come.

Key Club Service

One of the highlights of becoming part of Key Club is its service programs. Whether it’s implemented locally or globally, these projects pave the way for learning as well as helping others in need.

There are plenty of service ideas for Key Club members, whichever district you are a member of. The best part is often, these projects are intertwined with what you are passionate in—be it music, sports, events, and the like.


10 Best Key Club Service Ideas for 2018

Looking to have fresh ideas for your Key Club chapter? Then look no further. Below are a ton of ideas you can develop on for your next projects. Here are the best Key Club service ideas for 2018:


1. Send a kid to summer camp

Summer camps are enriching to children. They get to experience the outdoors, learn new things and make new friends along the way. Sadly, not everyone can afford to take their kids to summer camp. The good news is you can help put a smile on a child’s face!

One of the best Key Club service ideas is for members to send a kid to summer camp. Whether it’s a collection of donations or selling items to use the proceeds, there’s a lot you can do to make a kid’s dream a reality. For starters, have a bake sale, a fun run or even battle of the bands.


2. Organize a drive for supplies for animal shelters

Many animal shelters have it rough. Despite their dedication and hard work, most of the time, they suffer from a shortage of supplies. That’s why an outreach for these places is another brilliant service idea for your Key Club chapter.

Get your school or community to donate items such as cleaning materials, pet food, bath items, and the like. You can also organize programs to collect money in order to help shoulder hospital costs for injured or sick animals. Of course, the cherry on top is you get to cuddle with some of the cutest future pets around!


3. Beautify parks in your neighborhood

Parks a great place to bond with loved ones. It’s also an area for those who have limited residential space to have BBQ’s or picnic in.

Many parks are left unkempt and uncared for. So why not beautify the park in your neighborhood? Raise money to have a BBQ pit installed as well as for more picnic tables to be added. You can also gather your fellow members to start a cleanup drive while you’re at it.


4. Pledge to a family

Many commit to helping families in need during the holiday season. Unfortunately, these families consume their supplies quickly, and are back to nothing come February or sooner.

Adopting a family is a great way to serve others. Here, you can constantly help your pledged family in terms of providing them items and supplies they need for everyday life. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience that they’ll forever be grateful for.


5. Start a recycling effort

We’re already experiencing the recent fury of Mother Nature. That’s why it’s crucial for us to exert every effort possible in hopes of keeping the Earth alive and thriving.

You don’t have to do massive projects to make a difference. Something as simple as a recycling effort implemented school-wide or neighborhood-wide is a good place to start. Inform everyone on how to do it, as well as why it’s necessary. It may be a big change to many but it will definitely create a positive impact future generations will thank us for.


6. Work with Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels are on a mission to feed senior citizens who are unable to leave their homes. This is one of the best Key Club service ideas since joining this movement will breathe new life to the elderly in your neighborhood.

Many of them are living alone and are lonely. They only deserve to have the best years of their lives yet. Ensuring that they have food to eat every day makes a big difference for them. It lightens them up and helps them realize that they are not alone in this world.


7. Organize a blood drive

There are tons who are in need of blood. That’s why it helps to organize a blood drive in your local area. This way, you help ensure that people who are ill or suffered from accidents have a second chance in life.

Organizing one is easy. Simply get in touch with your local Red Cross chapter and find a good location. From here, you can invite your fellow students, teachers, neighbors and everyone else who can donate their blood for a cause.


8. Donate your old phones

Many of us tend to get lost in ever-evolving technology. We go from one model of phone to the next, neglecting others that can actually use what you have.

Another service idea is for your club to collect old, functional phones and donate them. You can give them to senior citizens, trauma victims, troops, and the like. You’d be surprised how such a small gesture can impact the lives of others greatly.


9. Collect sports equipment for kids

A lot of schools and clubs can’t afford sports equipment. This limits the chances of children to develop their skills. The good news is you can organize your very own sports equipment drive.

Simply make announcements to your community, church, and school. From here, have a designated location for collection and organize proper distribution.


10. Raise awareness

There are plenty of issues you can help raise awareness about. From rare diseases to current global economic statuses, knowledge can pave the way for positive change.

Invite a guest speaker, give away flyers or spread information in social media. You’ll never know who you can influence to improve the lives of others.


Still Undecided?

So there you have it. The list of the best Key Club service ideas for 2018.

Now, finding a service project every member can rally behind is a bit difficult. You need to learn what it takes to start, organize, and finish service projects. You also need support from teachers, parents, and (hopefully) local businesses for funds.

If you have limited resources (like most high school Key Clubs), then we’d like you to join the Yuda Bands Project. You don’t need money to join. All you, and your Key Club, need to do is start a Yuda Bands Project and you’ll be able to help kids in Guatemala and Zimbabwe finish their studies.

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