The National Beta Club teaches leadership through serving others. Members get involved in different community service projects to teach them the value of helping the community. By coming up with Beta Club project ideas and giving different tasks, the students learn how to be responsible individuals. It also teaches them how to cooperate with others and how to handle difficult situations. Many students also learn how to appreciate the good life that they have.

Serving others teaches students how to cooperate with others and how to handle difficult situations. Many students also learn how to appreciate the good life that they have.

Picking a good service project for your school’s Beta Club is crucial. You’ll want projects the students will get motivated to take part in. The project should also lead to noticeable impacts on the community. At the same time, you’ll want projects that the students can afford.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with project ideas, you read the right blog post.

Here are 5 Beta Club Project Ideas:

Making Fruit Baskets for the Elderly

People living in retirement homes don’t spend time with their families very often. They often don’t receive gifts and don’t get to step away from their mundane routine. Beta Club members can break this lonely cycle by visiting retirement homes and giving fruit baskets.

Elderly people appreciate fruits more than most food gifts. Fruits are fresh, healthy and good for people their age. Not a lot of elderly people have strong teeth or gums to eat nuts and the like. Some may no longer have the ability to properly digest fish and meat. Canned goods are not healthy at all.

Start a Recycling Program for the Club Members

Recycling and reusing are effective means of cleaning the environment. This program does more than show the value of recycling – it can also raise funds for other charity events. Recycling competitions and recycling drives can help fund housing foundations like Habitat for Humanity. The money can go to Red Cross or sponsor a soup kitchen to feed the poor.

Adopting a Family for the Holidays

This type of service project has gained more traction in recent years. Club Members can sponsor a poor family and raise funds for that family’s holiday spending. The students could raise funds to buy that family’s Christmas meal and gifts. Some families don’t have a home and the sponsorship program can help that family have a place to stay for the Christmas season.

The Yuda Bands Project

Selling bracelets to fund education sounds like a basic enough concept. Yuda Bands takes that concept to the next level by making it free. Students can choose a child to sponsor and then sell a number of bracelets free of charge. Yuda Bands even provides the marketing materials for free. The money funds the education for children in Zimbabwe and Guatemala. It also ensures the bracelet makers earn a living.

This project is gaining a lot of traction because it lets the students connect with the one they’re sponsoring. After they’ve chosen someone to sponsor the students can communicate with him or her via Skype.

Extra Life

This service project takes place only once a year but it is one of the most fun ones to do. Extra Life is all about raising funds for children’s hospitals. Students can take part by playing video games or tabletop games. They’ll stream their gaming sessions on platforms like YouTube or Twitch. Money gathered from donations goes to the Extra Life charity group.