The healthcare industry is a growing one. Whether you intend to work as a doctor, a nutritionist or a volunteer, joining a HOSA club is a good way to kickstart a promising career. HOSA boasts of over 50 chartered associations across the globe. This means wherever you are now, there’s a good chance there’s one in your area.


About HOSA

The Health Occupations Students of America is a technical organization geared towards improving the healthcare system in numerous ways. It’s made of middle school, secondary, post-secondary, professional and alumni/honorary members. Established in 1976, it is an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE.

HOSA understands that the healthcare system is ever-evolving. With the constant developments in technology paired with the increasing demand for a better system, it’s essential for the group to keep up. It is driven to provide training not only to improve technical skills but also, in other aspects.

HOSA Club Leadership

A group is only as good as their leader. No matter how massive or small your club is, it’s essential to have someone who is efficient in making decisions, inspiring others and solving problems. This way, the rest of the club may be able to work with the best of their abilities.

Just like any organization, your HOSA Club leadership must be exceptional. With a mission to constantly improve the healthcare industry, it’s only right to have the best people leading it.

Reasons to Boost HOSA Club Leadership

There’s always room for improvement. That being said, there are certain reasons you need to boost your HOSA Club leadership. This way, your club can better serve the area, as well as the mission of the organization better.


1. There aren’t enough members

A club that doesn’t have sufficient members may mean that there’s not enough inspiration for others to join. There is strength in numbers. When more people are part of the club, you can accomplish more. Moreover, you can yield and develop better ideas in hopes of improving the club and its performance.

It’s a constructive thing to step back and study why not many people are excited to be part of your HOSA club.


2. There are no new ideas

Leaders must always be on top of everything, including the need to constantly improve the club. When there isn’t much to work with, the club feels like it’s stale and stuck. Members aren’t inspired, projects are mediocre and results could be better.

A sign that leadership in the club isn’t getting any better is that there are new ideas. The club isn’t motivated enough to generate inspiring ideas to keep up with the growing demands of the industry.


3. Misunderstandings occur too often

A solid team is one that understands each other, criticizes each other constructively and emerges as a unified body whatever the situation. When misunderstandings occur too often, perhaps it’s time to rethink how the HOSA club is being led.

The most important part of an organization is its members. When they don’t get along too often and most of the time it ends up in frustration and arguments, the leader needs to step up and sort out his/her team.


4. Members are uninspired

However way leaders are guiding their clubs, it’s infectious. When s/he is not motivated, then his/her team won’t be. When these leaders fail to inspire their members and fellow students, it becomes stagnant. There is neither growth nor drive to push things forward.

When members are uninspired, it’s a sign that the leadership in the club isn’t as effective. Leaders must start to rethink how they can re-ignite the fire in them in order for the rest to follow.


5. The club doesn’t reach its full potential

Being part of the HOSA club means being part of something big. You have the opportunities to develop the healthcare system and be an inspiration to others. You have the resources to help those in need and give them hope that they too, can live better and healthier lives.

When the time comes that the club isn’t reaching its full potential, it’s a time to re-evaluate its leadership. There’s a lot one can do when leading and being part of the HOSA club. That’s why it calls for stronger leadership in order to maximize its mission.


Ways to Boost HOSA Club Leadership

The good news is it’s never too late to improve one’s leadership. Now that we’ve covered the reasons why you need to boost leadership in your HOSA club, it’s time we talk about the how.


Revisit your goals

It’s not unusual for leaders to lose sight of their primary goals and objectives. After all, one can easily drown from everything that’s going on. That’s why it helps to take a step back and revisit your goals. Remind yourself again why you do what you do. What got you here in the first place? What did you want to achieve?


Accept your shortcomings

There’s not a perfect person in this world. What will set you apart is humbling yourself and accepting your shortcomings as they come. It’s not an easy job and there will always be bumps along the way. The difference is how you deal with it. Remember: There is always room for improvement. Once you’ve accepted your failures, you’ll be on your way to creating more successes.


Assess with your team

Your team is the backbone of the organization. When you lose sight of how essential they are, that’s when problems start to come up. Assessing your current situation with your team is a way to boost your leadership. See where you are at now and how you can improve on things. Hear everyone out because there will always be great ideas in there.


Maintain a positive attitude

Positivity is powerful. When things get rough, it’s this sense of optimism that will get you through any ordeal. Moreover, it’s a great way to create an infectious sense of happy and good work ethics that can easily rub off on others.