Back when we started this project, we didn’t think that one bracelet could change so many lives. Flash forward to now, we have sent countless students to school and have given them a second shot at life — all because of a bracelet. The project wouldn’t be possible without the help of our volunteers, students and other organizations who believed in our vision since day one.

The beauty of bracelet fundraiser ideas is that there are so many ways you can make it your own. That’s why many groups continue selling bracelets for a cause. They are cost-effective, fashionable and can be worn every day. This kind of visibility strengthens any advocacy and inspires others to do their part.

Part of pulling off an effective bracelet fundraiser is going in prepared and planned. You want to be able to know what you want to do, where you want your proceeds to go and be able to maximize your resources for the most benefits.

Here are a few tips you may want to keep in mind as you start your bracelet fundraiser:

1. Gather a focus group for feedback

One of the best ways to find out which slogan, material or color to use for your bracelet is creating a Focus group. Gather people from different walks of life and see what they have to say regarding your ideas and prototypes. Encourage a much more fruitful discussion so that you can get the most out of it.

After conducting these reviews, you will now have a better way to assess whether or not you’re going the right direction. Plus, you have a more calculated approach to your next decisions.

2. Have a solid and specific vision

Much of YUDA’s success stems from our unified goal of helping underprivileged children go to school. We may have other goals we want to achieve throughout the process, but it’s this singular, biggest objective that keeps us going.

Before selling bracelets, be sure exactly why you’re doing it and whom you’re doing it for. Dissect what you want to happen. Whether it’s a free bracelet project or school bracelet project, determine your short-term and long-term goals as well as your primary objectives. Knowing will keep you focused when times get rough.

3. Be open to people’s ideas

Sometimes, we find ourselves believing in our idea too much that we shut down everyone else’s. However, this is an unhealthy way of realizing your dreams. It’s always better to be more open to other’s ideas and suggestions because you may just discover something to improve your project.

Whether it’s your friends, fellow volunteers, community or your teacher, hear them out. They want your project to come alive as much as you do.

4. Find the right supplier

Your bracelet project will need a lot of bracelets to be sold or given away. That’s why you must coordinate with a wholesale supplier. Buying from a wholesale supplier is more cost-effective rather than going to a retail supplier. Ask recommendations from people who are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

5. Come up with creative ideas

There are so many ways you can bring your bracelet fundraiser ideas to life. You can work with your school or church by creating bracelets for them to sell. You can also work with other shops, stores, and boutiques. A clerk may offer a customer a bracelet by just adding $2 to their purchase. Proceeds will then go to your charity of choice.

Whichever you go through with, it’s always better to work with equally passionate people. Only with teamwork and a collective love for service is what’s going to make your dreams of a better world come true.