We at YUDA have seen how much our simple bracelet project has catapulted to such great heights. What started out as a small idea has helped us realize our dream to help end extreme poverty.

Selling bracelets have taken on a new meaning throughout the years. Nowadays, it’s not just about buying something because it looks good. More people are buying bracelets because they do good.

The better news? We are not alone. A lot of jewelry brands are also going beyond profiting from selling bracelets. In fact, we’ve listed below brands that are doing good in their way and have turned a fad into philanthropic fashion.
Perhaps now that the holiday season is upon, this may just be the best gift idea.

1. Satya Jewelry

Satya Jewelry has committed itself to not only design some of the most elegant-looking bracelets. The brand has also made it its mission to empower women and give back to children through selling their bracelets. So far, they have donated over $1 million to charitable causes including The Manjushree Orphanage and Charity Water.

2. Linhardt Design

Another jewelry brand that is giving back is Linhardt Design. The New York-based company isn’t just conscious about designing with sustainability in mind. It also donates portions of its sales to fund the education of African girls through Kenya Education Fund.

3. Same Sky Jewelry

Same Sky has expanded their mission from helping the victims of genocide in Rwanda to empowering women in New York with jobs after incarceration. The brand is ensuring that opportunity presents itself even to those who have been through tumultuous times as women. They continue to provide jobs and donate to related causes.

4. Jewelry for a Cause

Jewelry for a Cause is a movement first initiated by Jessica Mindich to sell her self-made jewelry to support charitable organizations. Now, the movement has grown, and more brands have joined to donate to charity. Jewelry for a Cause has raised over $300,000 already. All the proceeds went to schools and charities across the globe.

5. Raven + Lily

The Raven +Lily handcrafted jewelry from artisans in Ethiopia and India are more than just wondrous accessories of beauty. They are socially and environmentally-conscious made to provide job opportunities to marginalized women. Beyond jobs, the brand also donates 10% of its proceeds to funding education, microloans as well as healthcare.

6. Purpose Jewelry

The brand designs handcrafted jewelry made by survivors of the modern slavery Mumbai, India. In fact, 100% of its sales go to International Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that cares for survivors of women trafficking through microloans, education, and healthcare.

7. Akola

Akola goes beyond donating their proceeds to charitable causes. They also empower women in five rural Ugandan villages to help them and their children. Moreover, they’ve made it their mission to transform the infrastructures of the poor land. So far, they have put up wells, roads and even vocational training centers for the locals.

Thanks to these brands and many others, we are even more hopeful that we will soon put an end to extreme poverty. Join the movement and let’s do our part to ensure the future of the next generation.