The Yuda Bands Project is dedicated to break the poverty cycle. We want the next generation be better than their predecessors. Not only better financially or economically, but in humility and generosity as well. We need the leaders willing to step up and help their poor local communities.

New reports show that the world has more than 4 million underprivileged children. Many of these kids come from low-income families that can’t provide healthy food and good education.

A small section of these deprived boys and girls are street children. They do not know their fathers; they do not know their mothers either. They do not have an education. And they don’t have a place to call home.

The number of poor adults and children is disturbing. So, there is a need to break the poverty cycle for the good of the public. Sure, poverty may have taken roots in many countries, communities, and homes. But it is never too late to make a small difference.

Following are reasons why it is important to break the poverty cycle?

Poverty among kids is harmful to society

Unless we break the poverty cycle, one in five children will continue to live below the poverty line. A child living in extreme poverty does not have a present or future. Moreover, they are at risk of lower cognitive development. They are also at a greater risk of not getting an education. Failure to educate a child will make them less productive in society.

Supporting the less fortunate kids to go to school can help to break the poverty cycle. At its best, education is the key to success. Helping a child through school is a good way to grow a healthy and productive society. Education will help a child fight ignorance and poverty. It will also enable them to stand on their own, even in tough times.

Poverty makes families weak

Low-income families struggle to make ends meet. Well known as the low-income earners, they know nothing about luxurious life. They work so hard to buy food and pay rent, and that’s it.

Today, the world has so many low-income earners who are trying their best to raise their families. But, they suffer from high levels of psychological depression, and domestic violence.

To fight this cycle of poverty with ease, we need to come together and provide jobs to these families. Creating job opportunity can help solve many problems in families. It can end domestic violence and risk of divorce. It can get family hostilities out of the way. And it can help a family to focus on future growth and productivity.

Poverty leads to more poverty

Unless people work together to end poverty, many children will grow in low-income families. When in such a circumstance, a poor child will grow not knowing a different life besides poverty. When a poor child becomes an adult, they are likely to give birth and raise poor children.

People say that taking a child to school is the best investment of all time. And the reason is education is the only solution to the poverty cycle. The society needs to come together and contribute to taking children to school. Unless people volunteer to educate children, poverty will continue to thrive.