Yuda Bands are bracelets created by Guatemalan artisans. The name “yuda” came from the Spanish word “Ayuda” which means help. Whenever you buy a Yuda Band, a family in a third world country is given a chance for a better future.

Thanks to Yuda Bands; thousands of underprivileged children can attend school, communities transformed for the better, teens learn the value of service and selfless leadership. Most importantly, hundreds of families broke their poverty cycle.

Aside from helping, there are many reasons why people love & support Yuda Bands.

4 More Reasons Why You Should Buy a Yuda Band


1. Stylish Design for $7 with nearly 100 designs to choose from

There are just under 100 different Yuda Band designs. Each is unique since artisans carved the coconut shell by hand.

Wearing Yuda Bands will make you stand out. You can’t buy these bracelets in malls or local shops. These are exclusive apparel not everyone has the chance to buy.

Most of all, it’s a mark. It means you helped. You were part of a movement that changed people’s lives. When you wear one, it means you helped a student in Guatemala go to school and give artisans work.


2. Financial Opportunity to Yuda Bands Makers

Yuda Band makers take pride in creating a living for themselves. A single purchase gives them dignity and inspiration to work harder.

As the demand for Yuda Bands grows, more artisans in Guatemala will have jobs. They can provide a better life to their families and send their children to school.

WARNING: Yuda Band Lookalikes are made in factories in China, but authentic Yuda Bands (stamped “Yuda”) are 100% handmade – guaranteed.


3. You will change Students’ lives, and their families lives, forever

The poverty cycle is prevalent in most third world countries. Poor kids who can’t afford school will turn into parents who can’t send their children to school. And then their children’s children can’t send theirs. It’s a cycle that only education can break.

That’s why most of the proceeds of your $7 purchase will go to a student’s education.

In Guatemala, annual private school tuition costs an average of US$350. By buying a $7 bracelet, you already paid 2% of his ANNUAL school tuition. 49 purchases more and the student’s family will no longer have to worry about covering the costs.

The family will have more money to buy food, clothes or even repair their house.


4. You will sponsor the training of service-oriented leaders

The Yuda Bands project has criteria for selecting who to sponsor. They choose based on (1) desire to attend school, (2) financial situation, and (3) willingness to participate in service projects & workshops.

The third criteria exist to teach sponsored students life skills beyond what formal education can provide. They will undergo a unique and intensive leadership and character building program.

Youth in the Yuda Bands program learn life-changing skills to help their local communities. They aid kids to value education and inspire others to work harder.


Your $7 purchase won’t change just one life.

It will change hundreds, maybe thousands of people’s lives. You drop only one stone of kindness and it will ripple through and affect lives more than you can count.

You can buy Yuda Bands through The Yuda Bands Project. The organization sells Yuda Bands through schools, conventions, and events.

They also encourage students all over the United States to sell bracelets on campus to help sponsor a student. As of this writing, over 2,000 schools have participated in The Yuda Bands Project.

Joining the Yuda Bands Project is 100% free. The organization will send the Yuda Bands to your school for free. Students sell them. You can Buy a Yuda Band for  $7. All proceeds go back to the organization. The money will then go to the Guatemalan artisans and children.

Gricelda and Her Mom in Guatemala

Gricelda and Her Mom in Guatemala

Wherever you go, You Can Buy a Yuda Band for $7.

Why $7?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

$2.50 directly benefits an international student of your choice in the following ways:

  • private school tuition
  • school fees
  • books and uniforms
  • on-location scholarship coordinators
  • on-location guidance councilors
  • participation in an accelerated leadership program
  • supplies and materials for required quarterly community service projects


$2 cost of the Yuda Bands

  • band materials
  • Yuda Bands makers wages
  • importation of bands to U.S.


$2.50 covers operational expenses of the organization such as:

  • shipping to and from each school
  • posters and advertising resources
  • website development and upkeep
  • employee compensation
  • referral compensation
  • the cost to attend leadership conferences
  • flyers
  • scholarships awarded to U.S. project leaders
  • covering costs for lost/stolen bands

If you want to know more, click here.

You can spend that $7 elsewhere. You can buy a book, pen, fast food value meal or even Starbucks coffee.

Don’t get us wrong. These are all great ways to spend your $7. But to be honest, that $7 will only impact one life.

If you buy a $7 Yuda Band today, you’ll provide jobs for Guatemalan artisans, finance the scholarship of underprivileged children and train leaders for the future.

You can buy Yuda Bands today by just contacting us here.

If you want to sell Yuda Bands and help a student finish her studies, then click here.