Guatemalan Boy’s Education – Story

Students Help Fund Guatemalan Boy’s Education - Story The club got involved with the "Yuda Bands Project". The money raised sends a child in a developing nation to school. They found Mario, a 17-year-old boy in Guatemala.

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How the Project Works

How the Project Works It only takes 3 minutes to sign up and you’ll be assigned a project manager to walk you through every step of the project. It’s completely free and will impact lives in more

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Service Program

Yuda Bands Service Program International Yuda Bands students participate in 4 community service projects each year. When we visit the countries Yuda Bands serves, US youth have a chance to serve side by side with the locals

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Meet Maria

Meet Maria Meet Maria a Yuda Bands sponsored students in Guatemala and the school that gave her an education. Maria goes to school on Saturday and works all week to help support her family.

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I Make Yuda Bands

I Make Yuda Bands Meet Adrian, Yuda Bands maker. Yuda Bands is known for the impact on education but let's not forget that each band you buy keeps Yuda Band makers like Adrian making an income.

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News Clip – Nebraska

News Clip - Nebraska Alyssa (featured) is the 2012 Humanitarian Heart Scholarship Winner and joined us on an all expense paid trip to Guatemala. Any project leader (student that runs a Yuda Bands project in their school)

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