Hi guys! My name is Charity Mutuswa. I’m a girl aged 17 and I wrote Form 4 (grade 11) last year (2021). I’m the last born in a family of four. I have two brothers and a sister. The first born is my brother. He is married and has two kids and lives in South Africa. The second born was my sister who passed on five years ago and is survived by a son. The third born is my brother who is also married and has two kids. He lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.
I live with my mom because my dad left us when I was two and I have never heard from him since. To earn a living, my mom works as a vendor and it is hard for us to survive.
My favorite food is rice and potatoes and my favorite sport is is soccer. I love soccer because my eldest brother once played it and that’s why I am into it. My favorite colors are pink and purple.
When I grow up I want to be a doctor because I have seen many people suffering, especially in our community people are dying because sometimes they are not able to pay the medical bills. So I want to offer help to those old people so that no one will lose their lives. This career means a lot to me and I wish one day it will come true because I have always wished for this ever since I was a young child.

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