Community service broadly means the performance of non-paying work for the benefit of a group of people in your community. In most cases, community service is voluntary. However, there are instances where you need to clock-in a minimum of community service hours once you joined.

Some people see this restricting. We see this as a great way for students to be exposed to service. So they learn what it means to truly serve others.

There are many great benefits from participating in community service projects. The newfound knowledge and interpersonal skills student gain are also valuable. Not only for academic growth but for personal growth as well.

There are numerous places a student can apply for community service. Since each person has different preferences, it can be difficult to choose the ideal one for you. Before you decided, you need to make sure that it aligns with your skills, hobbies, future career interest. You also need to make sure you’re passionate about the community’s problem you’re about to face.

Being passionate about helping their problems can change everything. For one, fulfilling the minimum community service hours required is the least of your priorities. It won’t seem as much work since you like what you’re doing.

With that said, here are some places you can do community service hours for school:

The local library

If you love reading books, this is where you should volunteer. Here, you’ll gain valuable organizational skills from sorting and cataloging material, participate in library programs, as well as interact with a wide range of people.

The community center

A community center acts as a place where the community gathers for various functions — such as public meetings or celebrations. Information intended for the community is also posted here. In your local community center, you can participate in activities such as organizing public meetings, assisting members at the customer care desk or working with local youth groups.

Animal shelters

For those who simply enjoy spending time with animals or consider venturing into an animal related career, this is a great way to volunteer. Activities may include cleaning animal cages, providing food and water to the animals, grooming the animals or helping visitors in finding adoptable pets.

The local hospital

If you are considering a career in the medical field, this serves as a great opportunity. Activities performed may include moving patients from one room to another, assisting in general ward tidiness, encouraging and chatting with patients.


You may volunteer at your own school and finish your community service hours there. You can serve your former school or any school within your area. Schools almost always require volunteer services, especially for tutoring or after-school activities such as sports and drama.

Food banks

These are places where people come to donate food items to help the homeless or people earning too little to afford a regular meal. Many of these places prepare and even serve food on the premises with such activities being done by volunteers.

Religious institutions

Whichever religion you may be inclined to, there are community service opportunities in churches, mosques, synagogues or other places of worship which may or may not be related to religion.

Nature parks

Do you love the environment? Are you interested in environmental conservation? If you are, then this where you should spend your community service hours. Whether it is

Whether it is the national park, children’s playground or leisure parks in your area, you may take part in tree planting, conservation awareness programs, trash collection, wildlife data collection among others.

Nursing homes

These places provide residential accommodation and health care for its residents who are mostly the elderly. This is a great place to volunteer where you can assist the residents in daily activities. You can help organize events, such as story- reading/telling sessions, bingo playing or even dancing.