If your school is looking for good service learning projects, you should consider a bracelet project. These are projects that can impact your community without costing too much. The basic premise is that your students can raise money by making bracelets you can sell. The proceeds go to either a charity of your students’ choice.

With this in mind…

Here are 10 Reasons Why Your School Should Consider a Bracelet Project:

The Project is Cheap

Students often have a limited budget. Depending on your school, the interest for expensive projects might not be high. Compared to others, the bracelet project is light on a person’s budget. The students can use recycled materials to make the bracelets. This allows students without anything much to spare to take part without problems.

The process gets even easier if your school works with organizations such as Yuda Bands. The crafted bracelets are free, along with other marketing materials. Students also get the free training needed to sell and promote the project.

The Project brings out Creativity

What if your students choose to craft the bracelets themselves? This is fine. They can add in their personal touch and bring out the artisan inside them. By doing these trinkets, the students gain more artistic sense. At the same time, they’ll help the community.

You can even run a contest to sell more bracelets. You can focus on rewarding groups with the best custom bracelet designs. This contest will spread awareness about Yuda Bands. At the same time, it will motivate students to buy and sell them.

The Project is Short

Some projects drag on for more than students can endure. It can be both financially and emotionally exhausting. These projects rarely see its completion. That failure can impact the service-learning process.

It is advisable for the students to complete the project in two weeks. The bracelet project can only take about a month at most. You can use the remaining two weeks to sell the bracelets and give them to the charity they appointed.

The Project Can Create Jobs

Some correctional facilities offer handcrafted bracelets from the inmates trying to start afresh. The same counts for Yuda Bands. The organization hires Zimbabweans and Guatemalans.

Doing the Yuda Bands project means helping artisans from Guatemala and Zimbabwe. They’ll earn an income while helping the sponsored child.

You can even use Yuda Bands to create jobs in the local area. The project is free, yes, but you can add some funds to finance extra tools. You might want to hire artists to make banners or a coder to make a website.

The Project is More Personal

Students have a more personal investment in the project compared to others. Getting to know the person they’re sponsoring gets the students invested more.

If they customize the bracelets then they’re adding their own statement too. This message will resonate with the community. That personal motivation can help change lives.

The Project Changes a Lot of Lives

Doing the bracelet project brings about a positive change to a lot of people’s lives. Regardless of whether it is the students’ or the charity your school chooses to support. Students can have a better outlook on life. This especially counts when they compare their lives to people living in poverty.

It makes students more responsible for themselves and their community. They have the means now of changing the society for the better. People benefiting from this project can find relief with the fact that the world has not forsaken them despite their current social standing.

The Project Inspires Others

People can wear the bracelets they purchased from your students as a statement. It shows they ease poverty in their own small way. Their friends and loved ones become inspired to buy as well, knowing that doing so means helping a fellow human being in need.

The chain reaction ensures that others become more inclined to help the community. This can transform an entire community in the long run.

The Project is Repeatable

This connects to the fact that the bracelet project is cheap. The project is easy to execute. At the same time, it’s quick so it can even become a big part of your school’s service learning education.

A lot of students can take part in it since the budget is affordable and it does not hinder your student’s education. The bracelet project is your best bet when it comes to a stable yet challenging project.

The Project Develops Entrepreneurial Skills

The bracelet project involves a lot of marketing and financial skill. Choosing this project for your students can help them develop the proper entrepreneurial skills they can use for the future. They can use these skills when they reach college and pursue a professional career.

Selling bracelets, especially for charity, is a lot harder than what most think. It’s never easy to approach strangers to explain a cause and get them to spend money. Mastering these skills will help students later on when they become professional entrepreneurs.

The Project Helps Foster Empathy

Some students might be reluctant to do the project early on. Taking the time to let them know the people they help will awaken the humanitarian within them. Students with higher empathy become more productive members of the society. They can spread about a positive change that can steer the community in a more pleasant path.

The bracelet project gives a lot of benefits for the people involved. This includes the students, the charity, and the school. The Yuda Bands project, in particular, doesn’t need a big budget since it’s free.

It develops the students’ knowledge and wisdom as humans. This gives them the skills and outlook they need in to thrive as an upstanding member of society in the future. This simple service learning project can have far-reaching effects, all aimed for the betterment of the community as a whole.