We firmly believe education is the solution to eradicate poverty. Fortunately, there are countless organizations, programs, and projects that share the same view. Together, we continuously exert effort to educate children so they can have a brighter future.

One of today’s leading organizations is DECA, or also known as the Distributive Education Clubs of America. Since its establishment in 1946, DECA has been known to inspire, motivate and develop young leaders in the realm of marketing, finance, and hospitality.

But what exactly makes DECA stand out? It’s a little thing called DECA education.

What is DECA education?

DECA education provides plenty of opportunities for high school and college students. Whether you are planning a career in merchandising, management, business or hospitality, it is one program that will get you prepare you for the future.

Active learning

You can integrate DECA education into a classroom’s instructional program.

For example, Clay High School in Oregon. The school offers a two-year program specifically designed to help students in business, marketing, and management. In junior year, students will learn techniques in different marketing applications. Come senior year; they will learn more advanced skills in the area of sales and entrepreneurship.

DECA also provides unique and fruitful learning opportunities through their school-based enterprise (SBE). Here, students experience a real entrepreneurial setting in their school. Students sell various items like school supplies, school shirts, university banners, and more to consumers. This immersive education allows them to get a feel of what it is to be in business.

Certification & Recognition

DECA members involve themselves in various exercises and programs. The organization rewards hard work through recognition and certification.

DECA is an influential group that continually backs outstanding students. DECA help these students take a significant step towards achieving their goals. Whether you are university or career-bound, being part of DECA gives you the push to go further.

The many benefits of joining DECA

Joining DECA opens many doors of opportunities for high school and college students as well as school members and alumni. It offers plenty of programs and projects that turn passive learners into active, aspiring leaders. It allows them to sharpen their skills and abilities as a future leader.

As a member, you get to meet new people and build significant networks. Moreover, you get to participate in humanitarian and socially conscious projects. Thanks to these social gatherings and events, students are more prepared academically, socially, mentally, and physically

In this fight against poverty, DECA continues to bring to life opportunities that will inspire more young people to step up as early as now.

Joining DECA

If you are interested in joining over 200,000 student members of DECA, you can check their website for more information. You can also find out if your school or your area is a DECA chapter.