The Yuda Bands project is a great way to give back to the community. However, some schools hesitate to do the Yuda Bands Project. They think the size, population, or reputation of the school matter. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t. Anyone can start a Yuda Bands Project.

Even if your school is small, you can still make your Yuda Bands Project a huge success. Here are some reasons why…

The Project is Short-Term

Smaller schools have limited resources. Most long-term projects might not see its completion the longer it goes. Yuda Bands is perfect for schools of all sizes since the project only takes two weeks to complete.

This period runs from meeting the sponsored student to the final day of bracelet selling. This means the project will not interfere with the school’s long-running projects. It won’t get in the way of the student council’s studies since it will not take too much of their time.

The Project is Free

The best thing about the Yuda Bands project is that it’s free. This helps it connect with students who have limited budgets. Take note that the organization provides the marketing materials. The school does not have to spend a single coin to put up posters and other paraphernalia.

The school can return unsold bracelets for free because Yuda Bands pays for shipping. This makes the Yuda Bands project work best with schools and students running on a tight budget.

The Project Helps Create Jobs

The Yuda Bands project aims to educate poor students by funding them. When you do the Yuda Bands project you’re creating jobs for people in Guatemala and Zimbabwe.

The artisans get a cut from the profits, which give them more funds to care for their families. Every coin earned from this project helps these marginalized families overcome poverty. It allows people to work and earn decent compensation.

The Project Helps School Reputation

The school’s positive reputation also grows when the students do the Yuda Bands project. When you do the Yuda Bands project you’re also affecting the future of the school.

Helping these all these people can give a positive impact on the school’s reputation. Small schools profit from this the most.

Participating in the Yuda Bands project will also advertise the school’s stand on community service. More parents are likely to enroll their kids in schools that run charities.

If your school wants to do the Yuda Brands Project, the organization asks you to select a student to sponsor. You can then communicate with that student on Skype once you made your selection.

The experience’s goal is to be more personalized. You can achieve this because the students will spend time getting to know the one they’re helping. Building up a personal relationship with the sponsored kid gives strong motivation to the students. They’ll do their best to sell as many as they can.

This, in turn, fuels the education of the student they are helping as well as the income of the families making the bracelets.