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Bracelet Project Questions

No, the bands are designed and made in Guatemala.

When you sign up for your project you’ll have the option to order 200, 300, or 400 bands. We recommend ordering more than you think you can sell. This allows you to have a better variety towards the end of your sales.

There are exceptions but we prefer you sell through your school. If you need help getting admin approval or cannot sell through your school please contact us.

Yes, you will be able to set up a Zoom or Google Meet video call with your student. You are also invited to join us on our next Yuda Venture to meet your student in person and visit them in their home.

You will select one student to sponsor with all the money you raise. If you complete that student’s scholarship (meaning their schools fees are paid through graduation) then you will select a second student to receive the remaining money you raised.
You do not pay for bracelets up front. You only send money for the bracelets you sell when you are finished with your project. You will sell them for $10 each. No tax. No discounts for buying multiple bracelets.
We expect you to have leftover bands. All leftover bands will be returned free of charge. You only send money for the bands you sold.

Yuda Venture Questions

We welcome all that would like to join us. Teachers, parents, students, etc. Minimum age for Nicaragua and Guatemala is 14, for Zimbabwe is 16 unless accompanied by a parent or older sibling. We have taken volunteers as young as 9 y/o and as old as 85 y/o.

The fees range from $1500-2500 depending on the trip. Volunteer fees cover your accommodations (hotels/lodging), food, transport, service project expenses, activities, inter-country airfare (Guatemala only), etc.

Yes, all money paid to Yuda Bands is tax deductible.

A trip can fluctuate +/- a day based on a variety of factors like airfare, departure location, etc.

Zimbabwe: 13 days

Guatemala: 9 days

Nicaragua: 7 days

See upcoming trips here >

We visit our students and other families in their homes on all trips and bring them clothings/food. Each Yuda Venture varies based on the country and the group of volunteers. A few examples of past projects are:

-Building chicken coops
-Pouring cement floors in homes
-Installing electrical wires in homes
-Leadership trainings with students
-Planting trees
-Painting a hospital and schools
-Painting street traffic signs/cross walks.

Depending on the country and depending on the city we stay in either hotels or lodges/BNBs.

Yes, if you have a group of 10 or more we can do a private trip for your group to any of our three locations. We can be flexible and find travel dates that work for your schedule as long as they don’t interfere with existing Yuda Venture travel dates.

Yes, we encourage all Yuda Venture participants to invite friends or family to join our trip. That being said, many volunteers do not know anyone before joining the trip.

Questions About Us

The first Yuda Bands project was at Springville High School, in Utah in 2008, the year after our first Yuda Venture (2007).

Yuda Bands was official created in 2009. In 2017 Yuda Bands converted from a B-corp Benefit Company to a registered charity  and was given IRS non profit status.

No. We do sell bands with religious designs such as the Star of David, Cross, and Ichthys symbol.

Students are hand selected by our local directors based on financial situation and desire to learn. We firmly believe that if not done correctly, giving scholarships can limit students. This is why we only give scholarships to youth who have no other way of paying for school themselves. In nearly every case, each student will still be required to pay a small portion of their fees. This small sacrifice encourages them to take their education moreseriously.

Yes, all money paid to Yuda Bands is tax deductible. Donate here >